Ode To The Pimply

Yes, it’s the old “not enough experience” excuse.


Poor Miss Baker.  She’s cursed.

She frightens small children with a face that looks like the moon…hills and craters.  She can’t get a job with a face only a mother could love.  I mean, really, she looks like she has smallpox.

Thank goodness for Mrs. White (damn, we’re formal here) and her recipe for pimple eradication…YEAST.  You see, Miss Baker is in the throws of adolescence (13 to 25??) and is having gland development that is causing disturbances in her body!!  “Waste poisons” are coursing through her skin and causing unsightly pimples and God knows what else. 

Just eating THREE cakes of yeast a day flushes those poisons (and possibly everything else) out of your system and you’re pimple-free! Of course, they don’t say how long it takes…say several years…and several nasty yeast infections later…eat some yogurt with that yeast Miss Baker!

After treatment, Miss Baker is given a job, based on her looks alone!  Who needs talent, skills or even personality when you have YEAST?  And Jimmy is hitting on her to boot!

Life is so good now..


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Tweedles, That’s Me!

Congratulations Tweedles!

(and check out Tweedles blog, it’s terrific!)


I did not want your story to end.
Tell me another story!

I am so excited to win the contest,,, I can hardly stand it!
Thank you for letting me play...
now make me smile one more time....
Yeaaaaaaaaaa for Mrs. White and congratulations to Tweedles!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
3 doxies said…
Bwhahahahahah..okays dat kinda sad fur Miss Baker....and my mum. Mum ddn't breakout until her got preggo...then offs to da skin man. I don't thinks they had skin drs back when Miss Baker was alive.
Congrats Tweedles...dat's him!


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