One For My Ego

Since the posts I think are amusing aren’t getting many comments, I’m feeling deflated. 

So I’m posting a video of Minnie instead.  She loves the sprinkler.


Well, no offense to Minnie or anything but you are definitely funnier than she is. And by the way, there's only room in blogland for one bitch to feel sorry for herself and that's MY turf. Oh wait, I'm not feeling sorry for myself anymore so I guess you can have it. C'mon sweetie--smile--cuz you know what, it is completely ridiculous to get upset about people you've never met and probably never WILL meet not commenting on your posts. That doesn't mean they don't read them, though (my niece tells me that all the time after I accuse her of the heinous crime of NOT READING MY BLOG ON A DAILY BASIS!) I keep forgetting that she has a job, a boyfriend, and a whole bunch of friends she does stuff with. Cheer UP, dammit!
My mommy just got home from her long day at crazy work, and we logged on to see what was new in bloggy land for a minute or two.
We only have DIAL UP , so we cannot watch Minnie in the sprinkler have fun... but we can use out imagination.
Then we went back to look at your baby pigs.
they are so cute
Well for what it's worth I like all your posts.
Keep it up, we're reading!
cathycan said…
Sometimes I just don't feel incredibly witty : (
Well, I've found: Posts about crappy eBay sellers get a lot of responses, and asking questions of your readers.

People like to talk about themselves, and I like to get to know who they are. =) So, get some bad eBay purchases and ask questions about your readers!

I've had many a post where I get a token 1-3 responses. Sometimes it's because it simply does not inspire a response, but like someone else said, people ARE reading.

Sometimes I can't think of a damn thing to say.

I try to respond to a lot of blogs on a regular basis, and I have a lot of blogs in my blogroll, but when I see the same folks I post to do NOT have my blog on their blog, and they rarely ever comment on mine, after a while, I post to theirs less. I feel kind of dumb posting and posting and not getting a lot of response in return from the same people. I feed yours, feed mine (not talking about you, you comment on mine a lot =D )

It helps to respond to the comments on your own blog. It's strange, imo, to comment on other blogs and never have the "owner" respond, as if you are talking to yourself lol

Now that I have won a whole lot more friends by being so honest hahaha, I'd better exit for now.
fromsophiesview said…
So this phenomenon is permeating everyone's blog first I thought...OK reply...OK where?! So I replied on my blog then I thought maybe I s/b replying on their NOW I do both when I feel like it and if I want some response "c'est la vie"...if I get it..great..if not oh well...this is the down side of blogland.

Minnie is my hero and plays hosey like me...yeah Minnie...AND keep up the retro-ads P-L-E-A-S-E!!!
Barbara said…
Thanks everyone for your comments. It's nice to hear.

I'm sure you all know that it can get frustrating when you try hard and get little feedback. I need to get a thicker skin.

I've wanted to "answer" comments before, but I wasn't sure if people come back to see them. I'll try harder next time.

Off to get screwed on ebay so I can post about it!!

New vintage ad tonight!
Jacki said…
heh heh, I so rarely get comments on my own blogs ... almost everyone who comments is someone I know in real life. Also, I know I have more readers than I do followers - I think people not initiated into bloglife just bookmark me. Sometimes I wonder why I bother, but I do know people are reading. And honestly, I just like blogging.

I'm always curious about dogs who love sprinklers and hoses. My two most emphatically do not. Gabe loves his wading pool (which he very carefully lies down in for about 2 seconds at a go), but Archie wouldn't get wet any which way, even if you paid him in milkbones.

Love your blog! Have even shared some of your posts on facebook. Have you thought of adding the facebook/twitter share buttons? Might get you more invisible readers ;-)
Barbara said…
My two dogs are polar opposites. Trixie is deathly afraid of automatic sprinklers, hoses and anything she can't control.

Minnie loves them.

Go figure.

Thanks for the tips for FB/Twitter...I may try that!
Pearl said…
Well don't give up yet, I just got here!

Your "comment" link is yellow and hard to see/find. That might be one issue right there.

I try, really try to make it back to blogs I post to, but not always. I am also often making comments back to people on mine, I am pretty sure they won't came back and read, but that's cool, I don't mind that so much.

Know it's NOT PERSONAL! No one is saying: "Well, I think I will ignore Barbara today heh heh". Not happening lol...

People usually have limited time for play time. I'm one of the few who seems to be on my computer almost 24/7.

Also, people sometimes have bad days, days when they don't feel they can contribute, days when things are not going right.

My cat is at the vet right now and I am worried sick lol. So I am here distracting myself.

Mostly blog about what YOU like. Don't "try" to "entertain" so much, just have fun with it.

And know that I will always be reading yours. And try to think up witty things to say ha ha. =D
Barbara said…
My comment link is in orange...not sure what you're seeing. I double checked.

Thanks for the nice words. I read you all the time too. I hope your kitty is okay, poor thing.

I shall try to be witty, but no promises!
Re: your comment link: I think once a link is clicked, it changes to whatever color you have it set at to change when clicked, and so it shows as a pale yellow, at least again, on my computer. It may or may not for others. Maybe I am special that way? lol... har har.
Barbara said…
Okay, I finally found the color changer again, and you're right - once you visit it turns yellow, so I changed it to orange as well. Thanks for letting me know - and tell me if it works for you now.
There it is! Now I bet you will get more comments. ;) yea~~~~ =D
Dolores said…
Hi Barbara....... I love watching dogs play in a sprinkler. Our Casey isn't a water dog, and avoids getting wet, but I sure enjoy watching the ones that are so silly...
Have a great weekend!
Nancy's Notes said…
Hey Barbara, I am so happy I found my way to your blog! Don't ask how, I forgot! Got a chuckle from your post!

What a great way to cool off your tummy, Minnie! You are one smart girl!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
Sara In AZ said…
What??? How could you think all the stuff you post about isn't amusing! I love it! Sorry, if I don't comment on every post, but I am reading them all girl! Hey, if it makes you feel better, not that many people comment on my posts either.
Eartha Kitsch said…
You're wackadoodle. I ALWAYS find your posts funny. I just know that I'm going to laugh and think, "I wish that I had written that!" when I come to your site. Keep that chin up, buttercup. You're rocking it.

And Minnie is adorable! She's got the right idea with that sprinkler thing.

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