Perfect for Closet Alcoholics

breath vodka

Does your wife get mad when you come home with liquor on your breath?  Fear no more Charlie, for there is a booze that will keep your secret!

Arrow Vodka, light as a bubble, smooth and refreshing.  Yes, you can drink an entire bottle, stop for some flowers and the wife will never know!

Perfect for the office; keep a bottle in your drawer for those days the boss or the grind gets to you.  No one will ever know!  It’s even clear, so you can put a glass on your desk and say it’s water!!

So tonight, when you stumble into your doorway, just say you were mugged.  People are more apt to believe a head injury than a binge. 

Arrow Vodka…your secret pal.

gravelart 002

Minnie is having “the operation” tomorrow, so please think good thoughts while we remove her female parts.  I’ve tried to explain it to her, but she just isn’t listening. 

How I will keep her from running all over the house and yard is beyond me, but we’ll have to try.  I only worry because this is the first time under anesthesia and I worry about stuff like that.  But we must spay/neuter our dogs.  It keeps them from developing disease later in life and there are too many unwanted pups in this world.  Please keep a kind thought for Minnie tomorrow.  Thanks.


Our paws are crossed for you, Minnie!
Maybe Arrow vodka would be better than anesthesia? We're just sayin'

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
Dolores said…
The vodka ad is funny....

I love the picture of Minnie, she looks like such a sweet girl. I hope Minnie recovers as quickly as our Lilly. You're doing the right thing in having her spayed; it'll probably be harder on you than her.
I'll be thinking of her and you today with quick and healing thoughts!
Beth said…
Luckily I wear my alcohal dependancy proudly on my sleeve!

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