She Likes Cans!

she likes cans

Marge likes cans.

She really, really likes cans.

“I just love to open ‘em” she gushes, popping one top after another.  She’s on her 14th right now.

Her husband loves her because he can have the boys over and Marge doesn’t even care how drunk he gets.  She’s too preoccupied with the newfangled pop-tops to notice.  No more searching for that darned can opener!  It’s as fun to open them as to drink them!

Marge is saving pop tops to make a sweet poncho and matching hat.  She’ll wear it to the PTA, and man, will they be jealous.


Dolores said…
"Pop a top"..... love that sound..... would love to see that poncho and hat... NOT....
Remember the hip swank curtains people made with those pop tops? lol yeah, about as tres chic as knitted beer can hats.

Nothing says "I'm an old drunk" like mid-century white trash beer tab art. =D
Pam said…
Well, I agree with Marge...opening cans can be fun. However, she looks like she's been drinking too many of them after popping them!
Lidian said…
She must be related to Dr. Seuss' Zans, who adores opening cans - "A Zans for cans is very good! Have you a Zans for cans? You should!"
Poor Marge needs to find something constructive to do! haha
3 doxies said…
Can you haves Marge pass me one...and I saw her husband out last night and he wouldn't opening cans....shhhhh, don't tell her though.

Eartha Kitsch said…
You've gotta love her for having goals...
According to this ad you will become famous. For what? Opening a bunch of beer cans? Good lord, the depths to which the ad industry doth sink! Oh wait a minute, I used to work in the ad industry with a bunch of morons who were fully capable of coming up with ads like this. Jeeeeez!
Honey, come visit me over at Hollywood forever, Kevin and try to guess the actress who lives in my hood. I have a funny feeling you will know.

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