The Toilet Cleaning Dance


Okay Mary, you’re taking this a little far…

I know that you always dress in your finest circle skirt and carry flowers into the bathroom when you go to clean the toilet.

You see, it’s so simple now with deadly chemicals!  Just flip it open (even Junior can open it!) and pour it in!

While you’re dancing through the house to the music in your head, the “bubbling action” of the sodium carbonate, sodium chloride, sodium acid sulfate and the plain old sodium sulfate eat away the porcelain surface.  The corrosive nature of this product will burn everything in its reach, but damn, you’re free of those pesky toilet germs!!

Banish those worries, disinfect the sewer pipes all the way back to the sewer plant, Mary.  And dance baby, dance.


dad backyard Sunday would have been my dad’s 85th birthday.  I think about him every day.

I miss you dad and I love you like crazy.



Dolores said…
How true about the silly toilet bowl cleaner ads..... very come up with the cutest post!!

Your dad was very handsome, and I betcha you were a daddy's girl....
cathycan said…
I like the ukulele! A guy with a ukulele must be a funny guy.Do you get your sense of humor from your dad?
I'm usually dancing like this if someone else says they'll clean the bathroom! :-)

~~What a nice remembrance of your Father--I have lost both my parents and know how difficult it is to mark what would be a milestone birthday...
I thkink its good to dance any time you can! And sing tooo!
Scruby, scruby!!

I miss my dad too...... and my mom.
I understand. I don't think we ever stop thinking about them.
But one thing to be thankful about is YOU, cause were getting to know you,, and were walking through this life together, just on different paths sometimes. And then sometimes out paths cross,,,
like today
Barbara said…
Dolores: Yep, Daddy's girl all the way.

Cathy: My dad and I had the same personalities...which didn't always work out!

Kim: I guess I would dance too, if someone cleaned my toilet. As for dad, it seems to be stronger than ever, not less...

Tweedles: You always say the perfect things. Wow.
Please send Mary and her magic toilet wand over to my house...please, chemicals and all.

That is a very sweet picture of your dad. Wouldn't it be nice if our parents could stick around forever?
Your Dad was a handsome fellow!

I was just looking through photos of my late parents yesterday, looking up on google maps all the places they had lived (Mom made sure to mark on the back of every photo, who what when and where).

Trying to connect with them in some small way I guess.

My heart aches for them, and my late brother.

So, I think I know how you feel.

Doesn't everyone dance when they clean? No wonder my husband gives me odd looks! Oh no wait, he does that because he can't believe it's his wife cleaning! I'll bet my mom is "up there" with your dad and flirting up a storm with him. And probably playing the "boogie-woogie" along with him on that uke!
Barbara, what's wrong with you? Don't you know that every woman should clean toilets whilst wearing a dress and dancing?

Seriously, you must try it.

So sorry about your sweet dad, he must have been quite the guy:)
Your posts always crack mom up!
Dads are the best!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

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