Are you ashamed of your body? Of course you are!  You’re our target audience!

Why diet alone, when you can diet with a tremor?  Our pills will give you that extra energy you need to burn off those pesky pounds.  Don’t worry about sleep, having a perfect body with dark circles under your eyes is preferable to being fat!  It’s true!  Look at Lindsay Lohan!

We’ve made them “extra-strong” so you don’t have to do anything else.  Just jitter. Fold some bags or something, you’re losing weight by just swallowing this pill!  Really!  Would we lie?  Of course we wouldn’t!

Dexatrim – your miracle in a pill!


Lidian said…
As always, I really love your tags! They are perfect.

It is amazing what they used to sell as nice safe medicine - just yesterday I was exhausting one of my dear children by showing them old ads for cocaine wine etc from the 19th century. And Bayer's, of aspirin fame, used to sell heroin when it was legal (1890s, I'm guessing)...
Dolores said…
I'm sorry to say that I've been there done that with anything to do with diets.... drugs included....
I think I've finally 'almost' given up....
I remember the jitters and no sleep too
Golden Samantha said…
Forty years ago, a doc in Oregon prescribed me summa those and I flew back east to visit family in CT. Mom immediately suspected that something was up with me heheh! Apparently, I wouldn't stop talking or moving! Little did I know! Stopped taking them fast. Thanks for commenting on blog... yes, know you are Sacto based, but still don't know how to reach you! Hope to go back up in Oct if weather holds up!
xo Sammie, Mom, Miche and gang
Our family doctor prescribed some diet pills for me when I was 16 years old and weighed 115 lbs. They sat in the window sill above the kitchen sink until my drug savvy friend put them in her pocket. What the hell were they thinking?
Up for three days straight doing meth in LA 30 years ago I decided to drive back home to San Diego and when I actually made it there without killing myself I decided I'd pretty much used up all the luck God was gonna give me and bid adieu to illegal speedy substances. They never helped me lose weight anyway, just sleep. Needless to say I never tried Dexatrim since where's the fun in buying something OTC that's not gonna work anyway plus you don't get to interact with skanky dealers, just the pimply kid at the checkout!

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