Welcome to what sold underwear in the 1950s.

Men wrestling?

Jack and Marty were sitting around the breakroom discussing the Barry Case when Jack casually said “don’t get your panties all bunched, Marty.”

Marty took immediate defense and said “Impossible!!  I wear Munsingwear’s Stretchy Seat underwear!  They have a special horizontal panel that keeps my undies from riding up!  I’ll put my undies against your undies any time!!”

Well, not to walk away from a challenge, Jack immediately dropped trow and thus began the wrestling match.  Marty won.

They’re dating now, and it looks serious.


Pearl said…
One wonders how effective this kind of marketing was...

Dolores said…
That's hilarious....... in the '50's ??? Wow, weren't they risque.
You've done it this time!
Mom is rolling on the floor and totally hooting out loud!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
Roscoe said…
Mommy thought dis was sooooo funny! she says we are visiting yur blog more ofen!
fanks fur stoppin by mine! :)
I fink Trixie is booootiful!

giant wet kisses,
Lidian said…
That's quite something for the 50s! Where do you find these amazing ads?
fromsophiesview said…
...some heavy breathin' goin' on there!
Jim said…
Hard to imagine they had no idea! I can see Sear's running a similar ad

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