In Memoriam

felixinhollywood.blogspot Do you remember when boys that looked like girls were all we swooned for?  Hairless chests, Prince Valiant haircuts and oooh, LOVE BEADS…

For $1 ($1.25 if you just couldn’t stand to wait for regular delivery), you could get enough beads to make three necklaces with instructions written by (swoon) Davy!!  The Monkees made them for their friends, now you could make them for yours!  CAN YOU DIG IT??

All the 7th graders in your junior high will be so jealous that you have the SAME NECKLACE that the Monkees do!!  Think about it!!

Order now – for yourself and for love, peace and friendship gifts.  They’re groovy!!

Thanks to Felix In Hollywood.  Check him out!


laura linger said…
I love Davy (seriously) and I don't care who knows it. I was born in 1970, I only watched Monkees in reruns, yet I love Davy Jones with the hot burning fire of 5,000 charcoal barbecues.

Okay, and true confessions time: who here cried during the episode where Davy's grandfather tried to take him back to England? I spent six months on my therapist's couch dealing with the trauma that particular episode brought about.
Jim said…
I remember that time very well! Everything about the Monkeys was THE THING to do, wear and buy! I liked their was so full of fun and silly. Not so serious as the Beatles tended to be. Did I just say that!
All these memorys are makin me feel " kind of groovy"
"Monkey Love Beads" lol... yeah, I always thought he was cute, he's also a nice guy, too. =)
capewood said…
I loved the Monkees on TV! As I guy I wasn't exactly into swooning over Davy but I loved the groovy chicks they always seemed to have hanging around!
3 doxies said…
And bloggers think I am peculiar???
Uh, my mum ain't quite dis old so hers don't remembers Davy...bwhahahahahahaha! Okays, I should say dis occured befores her was born. Dat sound betters?
Her remembers da MJ glove though...hehehe!

I think we should have all worshipped Davy as a God because how many other busy celebrities do you know that actually makes love beads for all their friends. And it must have been extremely hard for him to get to the shops to buy those beads or to the post to mail those beads what with all those girls chasing him and screaming. What a guy! He is the quintessential Prince of high-pitched British mop-tops! All hail!

(Me - I preferred Micky! Now he looked like a guy who could get some dirt under his fingernails.)
Dolores said…
Ok.... this makes me feel old. I think our daughter liked them, but I really don't remember them.... must have been a busy time in my life.
I think Justin Beeber wants to be Davy when he grows up!
I used to ride my bike up and down our street singing Monkees songs at the top of my voice so that when Davy Jones drove by in a limo (which used to happen all the time in rural Ohio, right?) he would hear me, recognize my boundless talent and rush me off to England (after I first received permission from my parents to go off of our block) to marry him and become a famous singing couple (like Toni and Tenille, but better). Ah, the memories....

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