CSN Review Coming Up

Coming up soon:

CSN Stores carry thousands and thousands of things pet supplies, cookware and coffee tables.  It’s become my “go to” site for all sorts of things. 

gravelart 002

They are sending me some pet treats to review, and I’ll post what Trixie and Minnie thought of them soon. (Trixie refused to be in this post until she was paid…oh well…)


Ha ha Trixie. Minnie sure looks comfy!
Dolores said…
I'll be looking forward to hearing about some good dog treats.

Minnie has such a tough life......looks like one happy dog to me!
How cute is she! Is she a new baby? Looks like she hasn't grown into her feet yet!
Trixie assumed that poor Minnie was just plumb wore out from you workin' her to death for NOTHING and that's why she went on strike! Now, I wonder if she's going to be sorry when you give ALL the treats to Minnie, ha ha!

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