Dress Your Family in Ruffles and Stitchery


Does your husband ignore you?  Neglect to bring you flowers?  Forgets your anniversary?


If you’d only get him fancy clothing, he’d be proud to take you to dinner!

Every man wants a shirt with a ruffled front and cuffs, especially if it’s covered in embroidered flowers!!

Never mind that your husband rides a Harley, or works on a ranch…deep down, HE WANTS THIS SHIRT.

Try it and see how many times he goes out.  Hint: If he goes out alone, start packing.


Pearl said…
Good God, it's absolutely amazing how much I'm responsible for!!

My hubby wouldn't be caught dead in that shirt - especially riding his motorcycle! LOL
Dolores said…
Ruffles on a man..... NO WAY!!!
Hope you're having a good weekend!
Lisa said…
Ruffled front embroidered formal shirt... I knew my man's evening was missing something. With the right amount of chutzpah, I think the thing could be accomplished... the oversized bowtie really sells it for me.

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