Haircuts are Back!

edies cut and curl

Here’s a concept!

Tomorrow is here, without an appointment!You can cut your hair and change instantly!! 

Yes, just a few inches off makes a whole new you! You can get a convertible for your head!

According to the ad, the American woman was discovering “beauty on a budget”, and realized that haircuts, ears, eyes and foreheads were in (even though the model shows only eyes).

Imagine the luxury of just walking into a beauty shop and saying “I have a few minutes, cut my hair”!  The freedom!  The exhilaration!  Mess with your husband and cut it ALL off!  You’re a busy woman, but Edie Adam’s Cut & Curl caters to your schedule!  No more appointments at those snotty “uptown” salons.  Nope, just walk right in and DEMAND a cut from Cut & Curl!

They’re making women lovelier almost instantly!!

Now, does anyone besides me think she looked better before?


Our mom wishes she had those volumes of hair to cut and curl! We do like the before picture much better!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
Meh, the hairstyle looks dated.

Last time I went to a "chi chi" salon, they did act like snobs.

In fact, I went to another one in a sort of "low key" area, and the gal who worked on me ignored me the whole time in favor of talking to the other gals there about a trip some of them were making to State Line to gamble.

Whoo hoo was great knowing my money was going to cheap booze and nickle slots. *rolls eyes*

But bother to curl my hair? Meh, just grow the sucker, wash it, and it sits just fine lol...

Hiya Barbara, hope all is well. =D
Jim said…
I do! She looked 'wilder' and carefree! Now she looks a little 'tight' and squeezed!
Dolores said…
No.... I don't like the helmet hair...I like soft and fluffy...
fromsophiesview said…
Major laughing burst with this one Barb!
Looks like in the 2nd pic she lost her hand.
The last pic is soo zombie-like...Halloween is just around the corner!

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