A Little Hiccup In My Giddalong

Two Saturdays ago, I was scheduled to take my mother and brother to the Greek Food Festival.  I hadn’t felt “right” all day…my chest felt tight and I was having a bit of breathlessness.  Regardless, I plugged along, dragging their asses behind me. It was an especially fun day since Clynt didn’t want to be there and had temper tantrums the whole time.  That makes mom mad, so suffice it to say, we had SO much fun.

Over the course of the week, my blood pressure has gone up and down no matter what I took (or how many), commencing in a tremendous headache on Friday.  Nothing was helping, so I decided to contact the doctor, who made an appointment for me the next day.

You know, I probably should have paid more attention to that chest pain.

Looks like I had a tiny heart attack that day.  I just completed a treadmill test, along with blood tests, and though the results have just been sent to my doctor, the doctor who read the test as I was doing it assures me that I won’t drop dead anytime soon.

At least from a massive heart attack. 

So, begrudgingly, I’ve said goodbye to my little cigarette friends, and I really do need to lose that weight, don’t I? Dang, just when “Joan” bodies are coming back in style.

Mom and Clynt are, of course, in complete denial that something happened to me, and are pretending that all is the same.  Get me this, take me there, call them, pick up that…such is my life.

So, because I was unable to post a funny ad for you today, here’s a baby horse playing with a ball.  See you tomorrow!


3 doxies said…
Oh my gosh, thank goodness you didn't kick da bucket or nuttin likes dat. Ummm, wait...dat sounded harsh. I so glad you is gonna be's okays. Dat kinda scarey ya knows.
Don't scare me like dat...hehehe!

Oh my hell woman, no kidding you had better give up those coffin nails, and while your at it you need to pass some of the responsibity for Mom and Bro along to someone else.

Oh, wait... I HEARD THAT!!!

Yes there ARE other people that can help, you just need TO LET THEM!

Take it from me, I have extensive experience in allowing my family run me into the ground :(

Please take care.
P.S. thanks to the video, I now want a horse.
Retro-luxe said…
Oh, honey! I am thinking of you! Take care.
Dolores said…
Barbara! My goodness..... what's going on here. You're much too young to have even a 'little heart attack'....... Please, NO MORE cigarettes..... give someone else some of the responsibility of your mother and brother. We need you around for a long time!

I love this video.... it's soooo sweet!
Take care dear friend!
capewood said…
Had the chest pains, had the stents. luckily I didn't have the heart attack. Take care of yourself and keep up the blog. It's good therapy.
donnam said…
Oh my gosh...cute video....OH MY GOSH!!!!! So scary. You take care of yourself! I'll be up this weekend. Any chance we could see each other on my way home Saturday? I'll keep you in my prayers and you will need them trying to quit!
oh nooooos!
i am sooooo concerning about you.
you did the right thing in going to the doctors,,, and now there must be a way to take care of yourself.
I have some bad habbits too,, and so does my moms...... lets all try together
Whoa! This is scary news! Thank goodness it was just a wake-up call and nothing more serious!
We've never seen a horsie play with a ball before! What a neat video!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
OM goodness! A heart attack!

Well yes, goodbye to those stinky cigs and hello to taking care of yourself. I mean, we all need a little nudge now-and-then, but boy! What a rude wake-up call that was. I hope you're feeling right as rain soon.
Lidian said…
Oh Barbara! My goodness! Please take very good extra-special care of yourself...I'm thinking about you, that's for sure!

Your title is from the I Love Lucy (2 shows actually) that Tennessee Ernie Ford was on, right? I love that expression, which I learned from watching these.

xxx Lidian
Golden Samantha said…
OH my dogness! Thank goodness you got yourself to the doctor and that it was a little one - still... that is scary for sure. Stay in touch with those docs - you are amazing to have still posted a cute horsie baby playing with his stability ball!
Sammie and Ava's Mom
Yikes, that is scary. We are glad you saw a doctor and hope that is the end of THAT.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara
Oh my gosh! I'm glad to hear that you're ok. Take care of yourself, the world is a much better place having you in it! XO, Marsi

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