The Look, The Feel…of Qiana?



Meet Hugh. 

He’s wearing the Saturday Night Fever catalog.  Angel Flight pants and a Qiana shirt – De rigueur dress of the 70s.

The only problem Hugh had was around fire (although his shirt is called “flame”).  You see, Angel Flights and Qiana were highly flammable.  Out at a disco?  Stay away from the people with cigarettes, or you’ll melt a hole in your pants.

Flaming cocktail?  How about flaming chest hair?  Hugh was very likely to burst into flames if he brushed against a romantically lit candle.  It caused him great stress.  Well, that and the fact that polyester doesn’t breathe at all.  The only thing that protected him was that layer of sweaty skin. And jock itch.

And that’s just so attractive, isn’t it?


cathycan said…
My WEDDING dress was Qiana. Not what I ever thought I'd be wearing, but a combo of budget and availabilty worked together ...
Is there any way to get the persperation odour out of Quiana or any of those poly disco shirts? ugh!
3 doxies said…
KABOOM!!!!! Hehehehehe!
Oh dat would be funnies...think bout what would happen froms da reflection of da disco ball.

Qiana. I remember it well. Angels Flight slacks and those shiny disco shirts. Ugh!
God bless the 70's and 80's -- 2 of the most awful decades for fashion. And I should know -- I wore it and lived to tell the tale!
Jim said…
I think he looks kinda 'sharp'....a bit dated mind, but still sharp!!!! lol
fromsophiesview said…'s the smell that bothers me...eewh!
Dolores said…
Oh Barbara.... you are so cute and clever!!!

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