Mary Wore A Little Lamb…

mary likes wool(2)

Mary of your nursery rhymes is all grown up and wants to look good.

So her friend, the little lamb with fleece as white as snow?  Well, now Mary wears it proudly!

Mary spent hours and hours shearing that sheep and made them into plaids, pleats and sweaters – all to take her from cruise to cocktails (or is that cruising for cocktails?), desk to dinner date.

Mary has taken to coloring her little lamb so she can coordinate her outfits.  That little animal has been dyed so many colors, it no longer can hang with the other lambs.  No one wants to be seen with a purple lamb, trust me.

Enjoy your wool Mary.  Just remember, those lamb chops will come back to haunt you.


Good lord woman, where do you find these things?! Mary be freakazoid, fer sure. Oh and BTW--I'm pretty sure there are SOME lambs who would just, OMG, LOVE to be seen with a purple lambikins. Sequins! Glitter! Disco ball! I'm going to bed now, Miss Thang . . .
Jacki said…
hmmmm ... no lamb in the laundromat picture. Are we to take that as meaning the lamb is in the machine? I thought you weren't supposed to machine wash wool??
Sue said…
I think the plaid would look better on the lamb.

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