Meet the Stepfords


Meet Mr. and Mrs. John Cartwright and their three girls, Eeny, Meeny and Miney.

Mrs. Cartwright loves her “Total Electric Home” because it has enough amperage to power four hair dryers.  Imagine the wattage required to maintain their hairdos.  Even the youngest, Miney(10) must have every hair in place.  Meeny (12) took after her mother from birth, right down to the blonde rinse.  Poor Eeny (14) looks like Dad in drag.

The evening routine is difficult – what with chores, dinner, homework and the application of rollers and hair bonnets.  In the morning, the comb-outs alone take hours.  The girls rise at 3:15 a.m. so they can be to school by 8:00.  It’s hard.

Mom wanted to be a beautician, but she met John, so she makes do with a mini-salon at home. It’s the least he could do for her.

Yes, it’s hard living in mom’s shadow.  It will take years before the smell of perm solution will come out of the curtains.

Now, about the boys…


Call the fashion police
Benny & Lily
Professor Chaos said…
Looking at dad, I'm not so sure this is "flameless" living.
Dolores said…
Dresses, belts and the hair-do's....goodness....

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