Mom’s Tired, I’m Taking Over

Trixie No commentTrixie here.   Mom’s tireds…real tireds.  My new little sister is wearing her outs.  She makes a mess in the house so when Mom comes home she has to cleans and she’s always hogging Mom so I can hardly ever get pets anymore. She even eated two holes in the mattress and Mom was mads!

So I thought if I dids her blog today, she might be able to find some time for me.  She said she was going to try to get someone to go to the store for her and buy BIG chewies to keep Minnie occupied cuz she just eats the little ones too fast and then gets in troubles.  Mom needs rest after her scary time and my sister just wants to play and play.  I like to rest wif mom, so I hopes you don’t mind if I find an ad I like and posts it.

dog food 1

Moms is always sayin’ dat if shes could find a husband, shes could have the quiet times with me with no worries.  I think if shes finds a husband, I’ll get all the foodses I want too, and somebuddy else could wear my sister outs.

I thoughts this ad would be goods cuz it could be Mom getting the husbands and me gettins the foodses (but I don’t look girly like THAT dog!).  And I don’ts eat the horsies.

I hope you likes my ad and everyones keep your paws crossed dat Moms can do sumthing about this “puppy-ness” disease my little sister has.  Maybe I be a good blogger and get my own page someday.  I hope you likes it..


Dolores said…
Awwwww Trixie, you are absolutely adorable and did such a good job on your mom's blog! Keep up the good work.
Puppy's are so tiring with all their energy and silly antics. I hope she's on the downside of being a puppy, and will soon be sleeping more.
I feel for your poor mom with all her extra work....
Vickie said…
Good dog, Trixie! You write such cute posts! Poor mommy...maybe YOU could puppy-sit while mommy rests? I'll bet you'd get some really great treats!
Golden Samantha said…
Pawesome post, Trixie! So sorries that your Mama be so tired - she should be getting some rest, but puppies are impossible and incompatible with rest unfortunately. Avalon has kept Ma away from me, so I don't get as much as attention as I used to. It's getting better now though. I like the ad you posted lots - I'm wishing on a star for your Ma to get a hubby and diamonds!
Hugs xoxoxo
Sammie and Avalon
3 doxies said…
Oh Trixie what a pleasant surprise to see you blogging. You did your mom proud. Yea, bout dat ad...silly bouffant doggie...hehehe! Oh me, I prolly shouldn't be's saying dat.
Give your mom a beer and she be okays. On second thought...since her is tending to a puppy, make it a case...she's gonna need it.

fromsophiesview said…
I'm likin' it for sures. Their is always room for another doggie blog...especially since I'm the one pumpin' out all this stuff. I needs a cohort or confidant...hear!!!!
oh Trixie do you believe the nerve of that kid wearing mom out..nice of you to take over
Snuggles & snorts,
Benny & Lily
Hi Trixie
You did an awsome job with this post. In fact I think you could get a job helping other tired moms out there!
It was so kind of you to offer to help your tired, tired mom.
Yup, i think you did good, and not only that,,,, you are cute!
Eartha Kitsch said…
"I thoughts this ad would be goods cuz it could be Mom getting the husbands and me gettins the foodses (but I don’t look girly like THAT dog!). And I don’ts eat the horsies."

Haaaa! :)

You did a great job, sweet pup. Do all that you can to take the stress off of your Mom. And maybe give that kid a talking to. It might easier coming from you.

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