Photobooth Fun


I found this fun website that uses your web cam to take four photobooth pictures of yourself, or whomever you can squeeze in front of a web cam.

It’s French, and  you don’t have to understand French (I don’t) to use it.  Just click on the arrow to “go in” and when you’re ready, press the red button and four pictures will be taken in rapid order. Take some time to have some old fashioned fun and try this out!

Go to and have a ball!


we like it lady
Happee Wednesday
Benny & Lily
i have seen those before,,, yeah they are cool!
Golden Samantha said…
Well that sounds like fun, except we don't have a camera in this puter darn! Hope you are doing well though - sounds like you're finding some fun stuff on the internet!
xo Miche and the doggehs
Gee, if I looked that good first thing in the morning, I'd be taking pics too lol... ar-ar~~~
3 doxies said…
Hey must've had a ruff nite...hehehe!...uh, you find a man last nite by any chance. Oh crap, my mum is gonna kick my butt if hers reads my comments today...hehehe!
Ooooooh me, I cracks myself up.

Dolores said…
Great pictures of you.... I'll have to try this out....

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