Simon and Simon, First Casting

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Remember the TV show Simon and Simon (please say yes, dammit, I’m not that old)?

Well, this was the first casting.  Things had to change because the first AJ didn’t fit the college guy, pretty boy look.  This guy had a hard time looking ALIVE.  His first gig was as a department store manikin, and he was still a bit “stiff”.  And well, old.  And dead looking.

However, the casting of Rick stayed the same, but they changed his hat.  Not many Vietnam vets would be caught in a fancy-pants hat like that. Or wear a bolo tie. Or that belt. Or stretch pants and stretch shirt (really?  A Western stretch shirt?  Leave it to Sears…)

So, Gorgor there was recast, and you all remember the show as this:



and then this:simon-and-simon2







So, good recast, eh?

Wonder what Jameson Parker is up to now?  Check here:

If you really know your 70s TV, Jameson married Darlene Carr (the Waltons, Magnum and loads of TV), who IDs herself as Darlene Parker at the beginning of this video.  Have fun!

PS: It’s a hunting video, he kills stuff in it, and yep, it’s him…


Ha! This took me down memory lane, my husband and I were just talking about Simon and Simon last week (we are in our mid-late 30's and love some early 80's TV). Fun post :-)
cathycan said…
You gotta tell me that hat was photo-shopped in! It is hideously hilarious!
I remember Simon and Simon! And yes, I preferred Simon over Simon. AND I remember stretch pants and shirts (my geeky brother wore them, and for some reason unknown to me, girls went crazy for him! There's no accounting for taste!)
And of course Mississippi native Gerald McRaney married Suzanne Sugarbaker and they lived happily ever after. I never watched Simon & Simon for some reason even though I found both of the actors EXTREMELY handsome (actually, still do). Magnum and Matt Houston were my main heart throbs!
I remember the show, but didn't watch it lol..
Dolores said…
I too remember the show, but didn't watch it. The guys aged nicely......the first ones are too perfect and stiff...hilarious hat.
I remember the show and have to admit that I loved it, but then something happened--They must've changed writers or something! :-) I also remember that Gerald McRaney did a few stints on Designing Women because just as someone else has pointed out, he was married or still is married to Delta Burke. They sure don't make shows like that anymore, do they?
Golden Samantha said…
Hi Barbara! How are you feeling/doing? Well... I will definitely add a bit to your refined history of Jameson Parker. We went to the same small boarding school in Vermont centuries ago, and he was even my boyfriend for a while when we were both sophmore newbies! When Simon and Simon was on the air, I did write to him a couple of times - complements, you know - but never heard back. The latest kink is that he's doing the bird-dog thing (on TV) and I am taking Avalon down that path right now (possibly) as a birder - crazyness! Thanks for the update!
Hugs xoxoxo
Sammie, Ava and Mom, Miche

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