Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut


Ah, another stereotyping by Madison Avenue so we all know our places!

I’ll start.  I’m Barbeque.

The grey haired white guy is “rugged and positive” while the black man is “assertive and aggressive” (wow).  There’s your typical “nature loving” blonde girl and the “popular and humorous” party girl.  Your dirty old man is “sophisticated and witty”, while your gay man is “mild-mannered and agreeable”.

Notice that Barbeque, while “extroverted and generous” looks slightly out of her mind?  That’s why I picked her.  She fits me.  And yes, one nibble is never enough for me.

So, barring the male/female stereotype, which nut are YOU?

Happy weekend everyone!!


gee I guess I'm blondie in the lower corner, over there lol...

Hiya Barbara, hope yer able to get rest or proper exercise or whatever the Doc said for you to do to take care of that ticker =)
Barbara said…
Mah ticker is recovering well, tenk u veddy much!
I think I might be the Sophisticated and Witty dirty old man that likes the Blanched Salted...hmm...
Dolores said…
Oh Barbara...... I'm smokehouse that's for sure.....I wish.
Golden Samantha said…
Glad to read that your heart's doing well! I'm definitely a nature lover, but blond no more!
Hugs xoxoox
Sam and AVa's Mom
Mom is in love with the smokehouse variety. We wouldn't know anything about this because she's stingy with us!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
i can't pick,,,, but i do think your a funny girl,,, thats for sure,,,,and we love you.
please keep well my friend
Jim said…
Guess my 'place' is CHEESE FLAVOURED!!! I can handle that....I guess, even though I don't eat cheese! Don't you just love stereotypes.
Good post, Barbara.
fromsophiesview said…
Smokehouse to the nth degree is me everyone. Don't you just love me and want me to be your best friend forever.My hair is so heavy and I think my neck is breaking off!
Callie Brady said…
I'm afraid I'm cheese flavored, but I'm working on onion and garlic.

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