Thank You, California Highway Patrol!!

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My dad made two movies for the California Highway Patrol during the late 70s.
One was Red Asphalt 2, which I’m sure some of you my age saw in Driver’s Ed.  He was in it.  He also made a drunk driving film starring himself, my mother, a neighbor (and me and several other neighbors as “extras”) that I haven’t seen in 30 years.
When my dad died, the CHP took over a year to post an obituary (with so many cops now, it takes them that long), that listed none of his accomplishments.  To add insult to injury, they misspelled his name!  Basically, it said, “he’s dead.”
Anyway, I have been putting off contacting the CHP to see if they had these in their archives, thinking they were long gone, and I was still pissed. Finally yesterday, I did.  I told the media guy that I was offended at the obituary, but that I wanted these films, if I could find them, so I could honor my dad in some way.  I’d pay for them.  In any form.
This morning, I received this response:
I have your inquiry, and will be pleased to assist you in this matter.  Today when I visit Our Academy I will stop in at our Television Production Unit and make every effort to obtain the videos on your behalf.  I will also contact our various internal departments to make sure that we have the proper spelling of you father's name in any future publications, along with any issues that need to be corrected.
I was pleased.  He also invited me to lunch at the Academy.  Haven’t done that in 30 years either!  Then this afternoon, I received this message:
The Red Asphalt was relatively easy; "What Happens to Me" presented a challenge.  It was originally produced on film.  Fortunately it was transferred to 3/4" video tape years ago, and it has been located.
The Television Production Unit will transfer this to DVD, and both will be forwarded to you in this format.  In may take until next week.
Please send me the address you would like it mailed to, and I will personally see that it is properly routed.   Look forward to meeting you, along with lunch and a tour of the Academy.

I couldn’t be more thrilled.
I never knew I could miss my dad this much, and the CHP just made up for the wrongs committed when he died.
I promise another ad tomorrow, this just thrilled me too much to not talk about.


laura linger said…
This is the best thing I have read in ages. Your Dad sounds hella cool.
Barbara said…
He was a pretty cool guy, I have to admit!
Barbara, this is wonderful! Love and respect is all a person needs, good for you for making it happen. I'm pretty sure your Father would be proud.
Good for you for contacting the CHP! How cool to be able to watch these tapes again and again!
Glad to hear they are trying to make things right!
How Sam Sees It said…
How wonderful! I think I remember Red Asphalt...

Barbara, I am seriously sitting here with tears in my eyes. You know how much I thank God that I still have Dad in my life and I wish your dad was still here. For the CHP to go the extra mile and do all that for you truly honors your father's memory. Fabulous!!!!!!!
Dolores said…
Oh Barbara..... I'm so thrilled that your dad's memory will be honored, and that you can feel the peace that you deserve ...... This is great news... Sometimes it just takes someone like you.... to keep on keeping on... and getting something done...YEA!
Hugs friend!
Eartha Kitsch said…
Wow - I can tell that your Dad was really amazing. I know that he'd be so proud of you for contacting them and for setting things straight. He deserves it and you do too.

It's really cool that in these less-than-thoughtful times, that media guy is working hard to help straighten things out and to get the films for you.

I don't think that I've seen either film but hope that I get to!

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