What Could Have Happened in the Park

head and shoulders

The day you thought he’d say hello.

Because you couldn’t.  Nope, you could sit on the same bench, but you can’t speak. 

However, now that he saw you scratch your head, (well, actually, he didn’t, but you made that “ooo” sound and made a big swooping motion with your arm when you started to scratch, and wondering what the motion and moaning was about, he looked over) he’ll never acknowledge you. 

I mean, it’s not like you were scratching your crotch or your arm pits.  THAT would be something for him to avoid, but your head? He’s pretty prissy, isn’t he? Bastard.

Why are you both on the bench?  No money for lunch?  You aren’t dressed for soccer, so why are you there?

Anyway, if you use Head and Shoulders, you might stop scratching long enough for him to say hello.  Or not. 

What are you doing picking men up in a park anyway?


Dolores said…
I hope you're feeling well, and taking care of yourself...... and no cigarettes!

As I'm reading this post, I'm scratching my head..... I can't remember what it is that I have, and it isn't contagious ...and it isn't dandruff.... , but I have to shampoo my hair in some awful smelling medicine to cure me of the scaling and itches..... hmmmm, that's more than you wanted to know.... lol!
At least it's "only" dandruf and not lice! Oh, did I really just say that??? Now you're itching, aren't you?? ;-)))))
Hiya Barbara wow, just read about the little HA! Hope you are doing okie doke, and even tho you seem to be taking care of other folks, ya gotta take the time to take care of yourself FIRST.

Signed, an old lady who spent most of her life taking care of others ;)
I was thinking the same thing...head itch, what's the big deal? You are so funny. Please keep posting. Laughter is the best medicine. Wish someone could spell you from the family responsibilities. You need a break. I'm really sorry to hear about your health glitches. Sounds like you are heeding the warning signs and doing what you need to do. Sending you strength. Giving up the butts isn't easy but very necessary.
I don't know! I'd say she got off easy, ya know.

SOME things that start in the park can end with itching, ya know what I mean! Keep away from guys in the park, ladies!!
Chicken Boys said…
Gotta say...if he avoids you cause you scratched an itch, he ain't worth havin'! Really! Move inside where there's a/c and go to e-harmony! LOL
Jim said…
Maybe she's scratching her head because she's wondering what the hell she's doing trying to to pick up this stiff!
Hope you're feeling better Barbara and YES....give up those cigs! Good luck.

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