The World Premiere!!

As promised, here is the drunk driving movie my father made for the CHP back in 1979.

It stars my mother (as his wife, of course), our next door neighbor Ann Boatman as the granddaughter and various neighbors, friends, off-duty CHP officers and me, in a very short cameo (I run to the car, see if you can find me). 

It’s corny, but as you know, it’s the only talking and walking film I have of my dad.  It’s a little over six minutes long, so watch it when you feel the urge.

It’s called “What Happens To Me?”.


Your dad was GREAT! I mean, you'd almost think he was a real actor! Even your mom was good. Hmmm, can't tell which runner you were--the one with the red lei? Kinda wondering why the film is so long (other than it gives you a chance to watch your dad for 6 minutes). And of course those pantsuits and hairdo's were far out. What a great way to remember your parents from "back in the day".
Barbara said…
Build up Christine, dramatic build up!! :)

Yep, that was me, running to the car in my lovely plaid shirt and white pants.

Believe me, when mom is dealing with the officer - I've heard those lines and seen that face many times before!!
Regarding your comment on my blog today: just because you didn't WIN anything doesn't mean you're not going to GET anything. Love, Moi
Lucky you to have this!

I have no movie or tape of my Dad, not a single note of him playing in his band or anything.

I found a cassette recording of Mom I did back in the 80's and after I listened to it for the first time, somehow the tape flipped over, and now it plays backwards. Could only happen to me lol...

Did I say this already? Sorry I might have, but so glad you have some film and audio of your folks.

Once they are gone, you realize how important it is...
Dolores said…
Oh Barbara, this is just priceless that you have this video of your parents. They did an excellent job of acting!
I'm glad you shared this with us....a good lesson to all of us about drinking and driving...
What an awesome movie of your mom and dad to have forever. We think this is very special!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
fromsophiesview said…
Have we progressed in 30 years?...I hope so!
You are very fortunate to have this film of your fortunate!
Hey lady we love your blog. Thanks for checking in on us
Benny & Lily
laura linger said…
I didn't think it was possible to out-awesome the ELO Twilight/Phoenix in 1982 video, but you've done it. This is SO getting featured over on Touch Of Tuesday. LOVE.
laura linger said…
p.s. Ken and I are leaving for a week in Hawaii on October 6th. Is it wrong for me to have a totally happening 1979 bon voyage party (complete with rumaki!) before we leave for the airport?
Eartha Kitsch said…
I think this film is pretty awesome! I was honestly on the edge of my seat.

It's really cool that you have this film of your folks. Even if they ARE pretending to be drunk out of their minds. :) They did great with the acting too!

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