Bad Hair Day. You Know You’ve Had One

short measly hair

Poor Carla.  She had short, measly hair.  Nathan was never going to look at her – heck no one looked at her because every time she went out, she hid her face from view.  Wrapped tightly in scarves, she roamed from town to town, all because of her cursed scalp problems.

If only there were a product she could use to help. 

Wait!  There’s Sulfur-8!  It has that “luxury cosmetic” formula that works like a deep acting medicine!  Remember, those scalp conditions block your hopes of gaining new hair beauty!

So rub it in all over your head Carla and DO SOMETHING about those brittle hairs before Rochelle steals your man away!!

Or buy a wig…whatever works.


Golden Samantha said…
Hi Barbara! We have been away, but are back and love your ad today! Yeah... wig would be it for sure!!! Oh poor girl.
Sammie's and Avalon's mom
Oh poor gal. I don't care what race or color you are, you will never have the kind of hair that is in fashion all the time lol...

Hiya Babara, hope all is well. I've been busier than ever these days, don't always have time to comment every post, but I read each one! Happy Wednesday. =)
3 doxies said…
Poor Carla...I don't thinks da sulfer-8 is REALLY gonna helps...dat ain't why he not lookin' atcha.

Mack said…
Her hair has measles? I think she has bigger problems than Sulfur-8 can help her with!!!
I remember my black boyfriends using Magic Shave which was formulated especially for them and their uniquely curly facial hair. THAT STUFF STUNK--smelled like rotten eggs, which is what sulfur smells like. So now I'm wondering if Sulfa-8 also stunk. Oh, and let us not forget Jeri-Curl which was not only yucky greasy but could actually catch on fire!
Dolores said…
Oh Barbara....... this really hits home to me. I do have a scalp condition that I'm finally getting under control... The dermatologist said it was probably caused by stress..... duhhhhhhhh...
At least I'm not wearing a scarf...
Wendy said…
LOL.... (This is so wrong - but funny) :D
Eartha Kitsch said…
Oh Carla! I can relate!

God, what a remarkably odd ad.

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