It’s Halloween. Whoopee.

rocking halloween



While the parents were boozing it up…




parents went all out



The kids got the short schrift…man, the parents paid big bucks for these costumes…








I’m not sure who they are, but I don’t want to be invited to any of their parties.







Little Bobby was bad this year, so no costume for him!!





And for those of us who remember when Halloween was seriously fun…









Happy Halloween from the bottom of my diseased skull!


Dolores said…
As a kid, Woolworth's was like going to heaven.....
The costumes now adays are so extravagant...... we just wore a plastic mask, and thought it was wonderful.
Hope you're doing well!
Oh yeah, the days when a plastic or rubber mask and a funky printed nylon pullover was super fun!!

And when people made things like popcorn balls and candy apples, and it was Ok to eat them... =O

Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween to you too!
Are you dressing up?
Jim said…
Yes, we had to use our imaginations! And dig deep into our parent's closet! So contrived now. Great post Barbara.
Happy BOOOOO DAY to you
Ha! Love this post! The group in that third photo really IS scary!

Thanks so much for your kind words about my pup Dodge. He is doing well this morning, even walking (hobbling) on his own a bit.
Anonymous said…
I loved the costumes at Woolworths! Probably because we never got to go shopping for our costumes. We had to dig into the closets for our getups. Every year it was the same....hobos with big butts. By the end of the night, my pillow had gone south between my legs and I could barely walk, but oh that pillowcase was full of candy!

Asta said…
Mommi says she wemembews hew fiwstest halloween when she fiwst came fwom Oowope, she lived in Michigan fow a few yeaws and she says..those wewe the days!!! and fun and vewy innocent
smoochie kisses

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