Makeup for the Stoned


The “wake-up make-up”.  She doesn’t look sleepy, she looks stoned.

That “dewy loveliness” comes from the Black Beauties she’s just downed with a quart of vodka.  Notice the contorted leg?  She’s recoiling from the flashbacks from the last acid trip.

But dang, doesn’t her face look perfect?  She looks like her face is completely Botoxed before Botox was even invented. 

Yep, makeup for the stoned.  You may be comatose, but your skin looks beautiful.  Turn on to Hi-Fi Fluid today.


Mack said…
Weren't the 70's wonderful?
3 doxies said…
I thinks it was prescription drugs from da rhinoplasty hers had along withs da lip enhancement.
Where can mum order dat makeup?

fromsophiesview said…
Barbara.rara rara....I am laughing and can't stop! My ma used this exact same bottle. I remember using!
Dolores said…
Never heard of that particular make up... kinda glad I didn't try it....she does look stoned.
Perhaps a pint of putty and some flesh colored spray paint would give me similar results...she's a bit scary looking, isn't she?
tee hee hee,,, putty and spray paint- the same effect!
Jim said…
I want to know what's in this stuff!? I may want some.
Tom said…
She is clearly beautiful.
Hey, I always read your blog through my RSS, 1st time I notice your great banner! :D
KB said…
Make-up for the stoned? You are too much. Laughing, laughing, laughing...

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