Menopause: Fear It!!


Are you frightened?  Nervous? Worried?  Angel?  Devil?

Does your family run from you?  Do you run from menopause?  Those “years of misery, hot flashes, waves of weakness”?


Menopause can cause devilish things to women!  Suffocated by hot flashes and nervous as a cat?

Try Lydia E. Pinkham Tablets or her famous “Liquid Vegetable Compound”.

The “original” version of the elixir contained 18% alcohol, so you just know old Mom was happy as hell when she took this for her “pains”.

Be symptom free and dead drunk during menopause thanks to Lydia E. Pinkham, a Goddess among women!


I was definitely the devil...tense, tired and cranky. Come to think of it, those symptoms never left! LYDIA E. PINKHAM WHERE ARE YOU???
Lidian said…
I am gearing up to be the devil, too. I am in periwhatchamacallit and it is NO fun. Tired, cranky, Pinkhamless. Pour me a drink, willya, Lydia? Light on the vegetables and heavy on the compound!

Ah, the perfect CAPTCHA - GADUUMP! Which is the sound of me collapsing on the couch, while hollering ;)
Well, it DID have black cohosh which the Indians used pretty successfully for years, but let's face it--it was the 40 proof booze that got rid of the crankies. I am now happily way past menopause, much to my husband's everlasting relief.
Lydia E. Pinkham sounds like someone I'd like to meet!
3 doxies said…
Bets it's cheaper just too buy Moonshine.
Then again, I have been spayed soooooo...I haves no idea what you is even goin' on bout. But, mum says them pills sound like heaven on earth.

happileah said…
Menopause is just a myth, right? RIGHT?!
Mom told me, women make too much of a fuss about menopause. It... just...stops... lol...

But it makes money if drug companies tell women they will have a difficult time without their meds ;)
Dolores said…
I'm sooooooo glad that I'm past menopause......I was a devil. I needed Lydia E. Pinkam, that's for sure.
Asta said…
sounds good to me
mommi has a hot flash evewy five minutes 24/7 fow the last fouw yeaws she might as well be happy, hehehehe

I love the pictoowe of Mogley G Wetwievew

I hope he gets a loving fuwwevew home
smoochie kisses

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