Sex and B.O. They Go Hand in Hand

sex and bo

Did you know that if you are “stimulated by sexual excitement”, and that you need a “specifically formulated” deodorant to combat those sweaty pits?

You didn’t?  Neither did I!

You see, when you’re “sexually tense”, glands in your body that are “bigger and more powerful” just take off and next thing you know, you’re just dripping in sweat.  Fouling that beautiful dress, you are.  Not to mention the unmentionables you have cleverly hidden beneath it.

Thanks to the exclusive “Perstop”, you can get all excited anywhere.  Over 5,000 tests prove that your underarms will be dry and smelling sweet.

So get out there and get aroused!  You’ll have no worries with Arrid!!


Really? Never knew that. They must have sold truckloads in the 70's! Oh right, we didn't care about b.o. back then....dirty hippies.
Jim said…
Whew! This is good to know. I feel so much better now! lol
fromsophiesview said…
I can still smell the arrid jar contents..eewh!
The funniest things about this ad are (1) the drawing of the girl kissing the guy and she's got major underarm stains, and (2) the term "sex perspiration". I always thought something like "sex perspiration" was what happened while you were making wild whoopee in the bedroom or the kitchen table or the bathroom on an airplane, or . . . Not when you're standing on your front porch chastely giving your guy a smooch. Do they still make Arrid?
i guess doggies don't worry as much as people do.
A nice roll in the grass takes care of all odors!
Lidian said…
This certainly does NOT put the reader in the mood for anything romantic!

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