A Small Break


Thanks to a couple of people at work, I’ve been sick and have been struck unfunny.  Please bear with me while I recover from coughing up various body parts. 

See you soon.


In what universe isn't "death on a ritz cracker" funny? You get well soon, my dear friend!!!!!
We hope you feel better soon!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
Oh man, that sucks!! Get well soon, then get even with the co-workers... muahahahaaa...
Dolores said…
Hey you!@ Take care of yourself.... so sorry you aren't feeling ...funny.... you're entitled to feeling 'on stand by'....
Love you@
You definately need a little funny yourself right now. Watch some Monty Python; or the world's funniest commercials is running this weekend. Get well soon.
Taffy said…
Oh no! Sickie is no fun! I hope you get to feeling better soon!
fromsophiesview said…
Take of yourself! Waiting patiently!
3 doxies said…
You must not be drinkin' a beer a day to keeps da DR. away...or was dat an apple?
Oh well, beer is just as good.
Hopes you gets all betters.

Jim said…
It will be worth the wait Barbara and looking forward for your return. All the best!
Oh were hoping you is feeling better.
You need some chicken soup,,, thats what you need,. kisses and huggies to you
Anonymous said…
I am sorry that you don't feel well :( In the hopes of making you feel better I will share my favorite remedy for co-worker related illnesses...

Jubilacion = retirement in English ;)

Here's hopin you feel better soon,
if you cough up some very interesting ones can you photograph the event and youtube it?

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