Spam Sandwich Ideas For the Insane


I’m hungry. Let’s see what’s on the menu at the asylum…

Spam and egg salad on French bread.  Thanks, but no.

How about Spam, cream cheese and onion on white bread?  Really, no.

Spam and sweet pickle on a sesame bun? No. Grilled Spam and cheese on gluten bread? God, no.  Spam and baked beans on a hot dog bun? Um, nurse?  I think I’m feeling ill…

Spam, lettuce and tomato on whole wheat?  Help me.

Spam, Swiss and sauerkraut on pumpernickel? 

My brain just exploded.  Pass me the Phenobarbital please. I’ll skip dinner.

What other horrors can you think of using Spam?


fromsophiesview said…
Spam that's mmm good..oh sorry that's Campbell's Soup.
Flashback to 1965 and Sunday dinner at my grandparents .... or no, Sunday dinner at my Aunties .... or no, Sunday dinner at my own house. Yes, it was Spam (or the alternative brands of Klick or Kam) served with cold salads and pickles.

And to think that they still sell that stuff! There otta be a law!
Dolores said…
Oh yes, 1963 and we were a young married couple, and couldn't afford real ham, so I'd put a pineapple slice and sprinkle brown sugar on the Spam, and pretend it was ham....UGH!
Mom ate Spam once - never again!
She said it's not good enough to feed to us!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
Mack said…
this Spam thing might be tasty....
Lidian said…
Now that I've seen that baked bean sandwich - well, I've seen just about all I want to, really. Yikes!
capewood said…
When I was a kid in the '60s we ate Spam all the time. Usually fried, sometimes baked with a pineapple slice. One time my Mom cooked us Spam with cheese in it. It came out of the can with cheese balls embedded in the Spam. Although I usually ate anything my Mom put in front of me, Spam and cheese was just awful. She never it bought it again.
Barbara said…
Personally, I like fried Spam on white bread with mayo. No other way.

Spam with cheese, Spicy Spam and other ungodly concoctions should be banned!
shhhhhhh (secret) mom likes fried spam

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