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squeaky english leather

Want to know what cologne Charlie Manson wears?

Ask Squeaky.

She had a hard time picking out which fragrance she liked best, so she bought all three…Lime, Wind Drift and “regular” so whatever personality Charlie had that day, he’d smell like his mood.

Life was rough on the ranch, so every little thing that helped make it nicer was good.  Bathing wasn’t that regular because they didn’t have running water, but who cared?  Just a free and easy existence!

So take Squeaky’s advice…buy English Leather.


capewood said…
The tag line I remember is "...or they wear nothing at all".
laura linger said…
"English Leather...for those special times when Charlie (aka Soul, aka Jesus Christ) wants to order the slaughter of innocent people. Always say never to never! Love, Squeaky"
Oh look at that. An ad that celebrates women who have a LOT of men, and the men who like women who are easy! My goodness, playing the field was never any easier, all men had to do was slap on this cologne and easy women just humped their legs!

Nice. Way to encourage women to have a lot of sexual partners, too. A double dip ad.

After all, the sexual revolution was about womens personal freedom, not about men encouraging women to have a lot of capricious sex without commitment (or dates for that matter), and then taking advantage of a lot of easy sex. No really, it was about womens empowerment. Really. men will tell you that.
Dolores said…
I don't want to imagine the smell....yikes!
Here's a freaky fact for ya: we used to board our horses at that ranch! Of course it was before the Manson family arrived, but still. I also remember the "or they wear nothing at all" tagline, which was MUCH racier. My take on the sexual revolution was that women could finally have sex with anyone they wanted whenever and wherever they wanted. I came of age during that time and I don't regret a minute of what I did. And PS--that girl TOTALLY looks like Squeaky Fromme!!!!!!!
Don't mind me and my ideas on the sexual revolution Christine lol... But I've long suspected it was pushed by men in things like this ad, for their own selfish reasons ;)

Meanwhile I adore men lol, but yeah, I insist they actually get to know me and I like them before... Well... You know ha ha...
Jim said…
Ladies, please! I used to wear English Leather.....it was so IN! I'd probably pass out now!
Ooh, freaky! At the time, little did anyone know the darkness buried in that girl.

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