They’re All Out!

A major accomplishment for 33 men. 











They never lost hope.

It’s something to remember.  Hope is all we have.


I had hope and I am sooo happy they are out.
I've been a bit consumed with "life" and am sorry that I've not been able to visit your blog, because you posted about one of my favorite things, SPAM yesterday...We used to eat it all the time when I was a kid...

But the story of the miners has been wonderful and so heartwarming to watch as they were reunited with family members--The doctor I work for to let us watch it on one of the computers at work today--We had it on all day and were glued to it in between patients--What did you think of the miner whose wife AND girlfriend were there?
Charlie said…
What a great lesson in life!
what a great ending
Benny & Lily
We are so happy for the miners and their families!
3 doxies said…
Mum has been following dis story since it furst happened and her was so relieved when they was all rescued.
Funny thing dat hope is...da one thing you can never loose!

Dolores said…
It's so wonderful to have happy and uplifting news for a change..... I loved every minute of the rescue!!

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