Tight 70s Clothes, Part Deux

thin wallet

Who wants to make a fat, lumpy impression? In this disco era of polyester shirts and pants, you need a thin wallet to make your butt stand out.

Holds three credit cards and your paper money. Even a fake picture of the wife.  Because you know the most important thing about picking up women is cash and a black American Express card.  With enough money, she won’t even care what kind of car you drive.  Okay, she will, but not on the first date.

And if you hold your butt just right, like in the photo, no one will even know you have it on you, except for the prostitute.

Oh wait…this is a family ad.  Pretend he knows that woman.


That is just as good as a leisure suit
Benny & Lily
3 doxies said…
I don't think dat is his wife;)

Dolores said…
Boo on polyester....I'd forgotten about those Prince Gardner wallets....memory lane....that's for sure.
Lidian said…
I'm trying to think of a joke about the tag line (in his pocket/ out of his pocket) and I can't quite get the right double entendre. Need more coffee, maybe ;)

It was probably impossible to sit down in those pants. Whenever I see the old Bee Gees' video for "Stayin' Alive" - in which they are all wearing these sort of pants - I am convinced that what they are really singing is "Pants Are Too Tight" -
No, no, no! Prostitutes didn't dress like that in the 70's! That woman must be his secretary, all coy and innocent looking as she rips apart his home life and leave Cindy and Dexter without a dad.
Jake of Florida said…
Oh the things we once wore! Loved this series of posts. (Had to shield the dogs' eyes though lest they think humans are stranger than they (the dogs) already think they are...

Wirey woofs from the Boychiks,


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