Why “Girls” Choose Cigar Smokers


According to this ad, men who smoke cigars are tender, affectionate and appreciative, as opposed to cigarette smokers, who are mean, snarky and inconsiderate.

Cigar smokers “start young and stay young”, diametrically opposed to the cigarette smoker, who tends to die early of lung cancer. (We won’t mention all the mouth cancers cigar smokers get.)

Girls with “long range” plans tend to look at cigar smokers.  Reason?  If you have money to shell out for a good cigar, chances are you’re dumb enough to spend your other dollars on a woman.  Remember men, watch out for women with “psycho-eyes”.  They may hold your ashtray, but they’ll cut you in the end.

And don’t forget, you don’t have to inhale to enjoy a cigar.  That may come in handy if you ever plan on running for office.


Its funny looking at old movies and ads. Every buddy is smoking lady
Benny & Lily
Jim said…
Where was the logic back then?! So glad we are so much more intelligent and with it today. Aren't you?! lol
Love these old ads....so much to learn.
Dolores said…
Reminds me of the days when David would go outside and do yard work with a cigar .... he said it kept the gnats and mosquito's away ...oh yea, and people away too..

I'm hoping and guessing you're feeling better!
Mack said…
If cigars attract all the chicas, let me have one please!
fromsophiesview said…
Yeah..Barbara is back!
I need a drag..oops..a drug...no a drip...oh I don't know...I'm just glad you're back with your whacky crazy HUMOUR! Now...smell that sweetness of that special cigar.:-)
Taffy said…
I hope you are feeling better! Now, where can I find me a cigar smoker that likes to buy dog treats?

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