All I Want For Christmas is a Man!


Back in the old days, women were considered commodities, a thing that kept your house clean, birthed your progeny, cooked and generally did what men wanted.

And it was really, really easy for women to get husbands.

Now, when women do everything for themselves, and men no longer are Neanderthals, it’s impossible to find a husband!

Now, I’m not advocating a return to female slavery, I just wonder when it started getting so hard!  Firsthand, I can tell you that most men do not like independent women (from my experience).  Yet they say they do.  Women say they don’t want men to “take care of them”, yet they say they do.  I actually got dumped by a guy who said “you’d make a great wife”.  Huh? (Love the part of the ad that says “our women are anxious to meet you”…read: desperate.)

It’s confoozing, lemme tell ya.

I’m thinking of starting a “oh my God, I’m gonna be 50 and end up as the crazy dog lady in the corner house” service.  Do you think it would work?  Advice, psychobabble and slaps upside the head requested.

Ho, ho, ho.


THANK YOU to all who have donated so far to Blueberry’s Operation Fund.  Frankie Furter has organized an auction with proceeds to go to the Fund.  Please participate, there’s a lot of nice stuff auctioned off!!  You could get your Christmas shopping done!!!


You're 50? Wait another 10-15 years and lots of male seniors will want to marry you then (with a pre-nup of course). That's the age men start to need nurses to look after them in their declining years. Cheaper to marry than to pay wages. Who are you calling cynical?
Jim said…
Barbara! Pull yourself together girl! Who needs men anyway! Well.....
Seriously though,you have everything a guy would ever want.....brains, sense of humour, pretty, and a gal who knows what she wants and doesn't want. Hang in there and don't get desperate! Oh yeah, meet someone RICH!
Dolores said…
Oh Barbara..... a man doesn't make for happiness, but a little money, kind heart and good looks sure does help...... they're hard to find. I found one 47 years ago, and... he ends up with Alzheimer's...... GRRRRR....big grrrrs!

You're so pretty,smart,funny and big hearted...... the games not over yet.

oh no barbara
a man would be jealous if he knew you talked to me. you don't want someone being jealous do you?
houndstooth said…
Oh, I wish I could send this one to my sister, but she'd hurt me! I think there's a lot of truth in what you say, though, even while it had me giggling!
Well, if you are the crazy dog lady on the corner, I'm the crazy cat lady in the middle of the block lol...
Barbara! thanks for stopping by Stumpy's blog!

yeah, I don't want a man. But I'd take his paycheck and allow him to be my handy man if he lived AT LEAST 5 miles away.

Good stuff, here, I'm going to enjoy following...
Zona said…
I think the best part of this post was you first TAG. LOL!

Zona's Mom
Ack - men. They can be such idiots. That's about all I have to say about that. I'm married and I'm still kind of a crazy dog lady, much to my husband's chagrin.

I responded to your comment on my blog, but I'll type my response here too: Barbara, a thousand times yes! Having Dodge with me after his accident is better than ANY possession. He is quite the special pup!

P.S. Just made a little donation for Blueberry. I hope Blue recovers from the surgery! Dodge (and my other pup Molly) send their hugs and tail wags and nose nuzzles.
The Luke said…
Fank you for the laughter!!!

wif love from the Luke and the crazy dog lady in the middle of the block. just sayin.

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