Black Wednesday, Thrift Store Style

Here are this weeks thrift store finds:

thrift store finds 001 The start of a new collection: glass vase, $4.99 – hey, the tag is still on it…

thrift store finds 002King sized comforter and shams for new bed (sorry, I have dogs, the bed never looks made): $24.99; two fitted king sheets: $1.49 each.

King sized platform bed, with mattress, from a guy I knew on Craigslist $300 (purchased new by owner at Ikea for $750.)

thrift store finds 003  Coordinating pillow for chair by bed: $2.49; chair – Grandma’s

thrift store finds 004 Two large gingerbread people cutters: $.29 each.  Funny and fascinating Japanese mandolin food cutter with corresponding blades and old style instruction book: $2.49.

thrift store finds 005Said mandolin cutter.

thrift store finds 006Pretty little thing to put on table: $1.49.

thrift store finds 007   Weird wood carving for living room: $1.49

thrift store finds 008 Twin headboard and footboard in process of being painted for guest room/office (and oops, so is the garbage can and cement…I’m messy): $12.99.

thrift store finds 011 Cook’s chinois: $1.29.

thrift store finds 015

Tall basket to hide crap in: $5.99

thrift store finds 016

Wood turntable for kitchen: $1.29

thrift store finds 013 Teddy bear for Minnie (and one for Trixie, not shown) $.99 each. Could not find hairpiece for Minnie.

thrift store finds 014Mid-century ceramic lamp for bedroom: $9.99.

I thought I did pretty well.  What do you think?

THANK YOU to all who have donated so far to Blueberry’s Operation Fund.  Frankie Furter is organizing an auction with proceeds to go to the Fund.  Please participate, there’s going to be a lot of nice stuff auctioned off!!


Jan said…
My daughter and I discovered thrift stores when we did costumes and props for a community theatre play. Now it's a fun outing on the rare days we don't buy anything.
You did great!

Ahhh, gone are the days when I can find anything worthwhile in the thrift stores around here.
Gawd, I remember those huge amber-coloured brandy snifter vases! We thought they were soooooo sophisticated to set on a coffee table.
More great finds. You are a thrifting goddess! Love that wood carving for your living room I've never seen anything like it :-)
Anonymous said…
Wow, great deals!!

Elyse and Riley
HELLO!! I'm so sorry I've not been able to visit your blog lately (or anyones really) and I've enjoyed my visit. I had to grin at your last post about butter--I cooked a turkey breast in the crockpot last night and the only thing you put on it is a stick of butter--Delicious! :-)))

I hope you have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!!
Your a great shopper lady! Cool basket for crap (doggie stuff)
Happy Thanksgiving
It might be worth a trip to CA just to go to the only thrift store in the world with reasonable prices! Lots of love to you and your family today. P.S. After todays meal those undies the card.....)
houndstooth said…
I never find anything that cool at thrift stores! I envy you! I especially like that vase.
Dolores said…
I'm so behind on reading posts.... been busy cooking.
Wow, you have some incredible purchases for such great prices. I love a good bargain!
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
Great buys! I've never owned a chinois, but that was a common piece of equipment in my mother's and grandmother's kitchen. They were the queens of jellymaking.

I also love your dog posts. Both my kiddos are shelter rescues. I'll have to post a picture of them!

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