Could You Spare a Bag Of Pet Food?


Did you know that between 5% to 10% of homeless people have dogs and/or cats. In some areas of the country the rate is as high as 24%.

Most people who experience homelessness are homeless for a short period of time, and need help finding housing or a rent subsidy. Unfortunately for those with pets it becomes more difficult.

You can make a difference to someone who has a loving loyal companion pet.

Shelters are starting to carry pet food that can be requested with people food, and provide vet service and vaccinations.

I want to collect 200 pounds of pet food for our local shelter “Loaves and Fishes” for the holiday.  Would you help? 

I am asking for a quart-sized ziploc bag of dog or cat food from all of my readers.  Those of us with pets have food in the house.  If you’d rather send a buck or two, that would help too.

Send your pet food by December 15th to:

Food for Homeless Pets

1016 Park Blvd

West Sacramento, CA 95691

Your donation means more than you know.


Dolores said…
Oh Barbara.... I so agree!!! My heart always goes out to the innocent/helpless animals......I can't send you a good man for Christmas, but I will send some $'s to the address listed..... thanks for this reminder.
Up until May i ran a local food bank/ emergency services facility. People with pets were sooooo grateful when we were able to provide them with food for the 4-legged members of their family. This is an awesome undertaking!
heidi said…
I'll drop in a few bucks - and a few coupons! One of our local shelters had to close this month. I just heard. So sad. Not right. What a fantastic idea.
houndstooth said…
What a great idea! I wish our local shelters did something like that. I really hope it's something that catches on!
Sweet Barbara with the kindest heart

Unknown said…
What a great idea! I do a round up of items the shelter needs from fmaily and friends every december to help out. Thank you for helping!
Mack said…
Mom says she will help!!
Thanks for the great idea!!

Anonymous said…
Thank you for helping out.. We came by after you visited our site. Thanks for the visit and we love your blog. we are now followers.. See you soon..
The Luke said…
What a great cause for the paws!

Wif love from the Luke
Levi said…
What a great idea! I have to get some green papers from see...I don't part with my food :)
Zona said…
Barbara, do you mind if I refer my furends to your post tomorrow on my Friendly Friday theme day?

Hi Barbara, I am a friend of Zona's and would be happy to help with this. Can you send me your address? My email is mrpippip(at)gmail(dot)com.

The shelter that rescued me has a pet food pantry. It is a great way to help animals AND people.

Your pal, Pip
DUH! I just found your address. I will send something out this weekend.

Your pal, Pip
Tucker said…
Oh we always take doggie & kitteh food to our annual local food drive that happened last week! People's always forgets that they can bring pet foodable to homman food pantries! Is der a way we can do a paypal donation? My hooman is lazy and won't get to the mail in forever.

woof - Tucker
Nubbin' Tails said…
Mom said she'd like to send a check...does she make it out to Food for Homeless Pets?


Mr. Nubbin'
The Heartbeats said…
I pass a homeless man and his faithful canine everyday on the way home from work. That is one devoted pup. Most of our local orgs accept pet food too. One of those things that most of us never think about...
White Dog Blog said…
Great cause! Thanks for making the world a better place! Count on us. We will send out a package this weekend!

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