How to Know You Picked a Questionable Woman and Other Things


First clue:  When you’re thinking romance, she’s thinking Spray Starch.

She’s all dressed up, you’re all romantic and all she can think about is ironing.

Think Stepford Wife.

Now she’s a little more appealing, isn’t she?

Please tell me again how these ads sold product. (and 7 cents off…we’ll never see coupons like that again!)







For those of you kind enough comment on my recent “loss” and wondered if the clock could be salvaged, here’s your answer…

clock 001

As you can see, sadly…no.



But I took your advice and went out and salvage the advertising glass (as much as I could) so I could make something out of it. What, I’m not sure, but hey, I would have never thought of it if it weren’t for all of you.  Here’s what I saved…

clock 003




Something can be made of this, can’t it?





And for the others who were kind enough to ask about my hand, it is healing nicely.  Nice scab that I have to keep out of Minnie’s mouth, but I’m trying not to cover it anymore since a package of Target bandaids gave me a rash.  Latex free, yes, adhesive deadly – you bet!!

Happy Monday!!


Dolores said…
I read your post about breaking the clock your brother gave you....It broke my heart!!!..... I couldn't respond until tonight..... it made me so sad for you! I've had something so similar happen to me.... breaks your heart!@!!!

I'm so happy that you could make something from the broken clock....whatever it looks like....

Big hugs to you my friend!
houndstooth said…
You know, I'm wondering if you could possibly make them into some tiles, and you could do a lot of things with those. You could use them for decoration in your kitchen in various ways, or you could make a table with them. I am sure you'll find the perfect way to save it and preserve it!

Um, obviously that ad was written by a man who was completely out of touch with how to sell products to women!
YIKES! The clock did take quite a tumble, didn't it. What a bummer.
3 doxies said…
Oh crap, you did break it!
I was thinking the same thing as Bunny about the tiles...but I'm not sure what it's made out of. Or maybe some sort of mosaic something.

For some strange reason, I iron everything!
Glad your hand healing.

Allison...Puddles mum
awww damn, didn't know it was shattered that bad. =( But yes, grout and a small tabletop and use as tile shards, or heck, just keep it in a bowl.

Glad the hand is getting better!
Eartha Kitsch said…
Oh gosh! That's so sad! I know that it meant a lot to you. :(

Looks like it's definitely time for a mosaic. I know that it's not the same as having received it from your late brother but I'll keep an eye out for you.

And your hand - gah! I'm allergic to latex and adhesives - and bandages usually just make my situation worse. I hope that yours heals soon.

I think that it's time to say "Here's to 2011!" I have high hopes that next year will kick 2010's butt in the "things are great" department.
Poor clock! I'm in agreement with the above; make a mosaic out of the pieces. They are pretty.

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