Oh Sure, Painting is Fun!!


I always wear a white sailor shirt when I paint.  Or khaki’s. It makes me feel stylish.  Well, when I’m not shoving screwdrivers in my hand, but whatever.

Did anyone else read Napalm instead of Nalplex?  I sure did.  That would be a hell of a paint.  You don’t like it, light it!!  I love the smell of Nalplex in the morning!!

I dream of a little Dutch boy coming to help me paint, but alas, I paint alone.  Hint: the paint color is called “New Avocado”.  Think what you may.



Here’s a picture once they got the counter tops, sink and faucet in…mind you, the cabinets have been painted now, but you can’t see the finished product until it’s, well, finished!

kitchen 011

Looks more modern than it did, huh?  And much more fitting a “cottage” house.

Had to peel off the superglue from my wound as the injury was getting a little “pus-ie”.  Have stuffed it full of antibiotic ointment and am letting it ooze right now.  Oh sorry, were you eating dinner?  It is healing okay though.

More to come…


I’d like to introduce you to a few dog blogs I just love:

TWEEDLESThrough the Eyes of Tweedles is all about a pug who communes with nature and writes lovely thoughts.  You will enjoy Tweedles a lot.





we 3 doxies

We 3 Doxies is all about World Domination by dachshund, particularly Puddles, who offers beer, Cheetos and a special brand of Kool-Aid to her readers.  Puddles is incorrigible.




Mayor Frankie

Frankly Speaking is not only a dachshund named Frankie Furter running for Mayor of Blogville, but he is Puddles nemesis.  Can’t read one without the other.





bunny mugshot


And lastly for today is Tales and Tails, a very fun blog about Bunny the Greyhound, and her siblings Lilac, Blueberry and Morgan.  They go on many adventures and see much of the world. They get in trouble sometimes too, and Lilac has a poop problem.  She likes to poop in their van.

Have a great night, and let me know how you like the other blogs!!


houndstooth said…
Ha ha ha! Thanks for mentioning us! I tell you, you never know what you'll come across in our daily lives!

I have always wondered if you had a blog, but I've never been able to find it! I feel so much better now that this small mystery is solved!
Barbara said…
Well dang, gonna have to advertise myself a little more!!
I am going to go say hi right now,,, and make some new friends.
Thank you for the sweetest words, about me
fromsophiesview said…
I think the human will be well finished when you paint with that stuff...oh my aching head!
I'm like Bunny. I had clicked on your name SEVERAL times and could not see a blog for you.
I am glad that you are enjoying your visits to Blogville. I'm the new Mayor.. in case you didn't know. Butt of course, Puddles' Governor trumps my Mayor.
Your blog is pretty. All swirley and colorful. Sort of like fall leaves in a windstorm.
Thanks for sayin nice words about us.
Barbara said…
How weird! When I click on it, it shows my blog. Odd.
I happen to love your vintage kitchen. In fact my daughter and her Mr. just bought a home that was built in the 40's, I'd like to trade her for my newer model.
She has chosen a jadeite green for her cabinets, you know what I'll be doing this weekend:)
And on another note, our local farmers market has an adoption booth for retired greyhounds. Aren't they the sweetest creatures?
Your new kitchen is coming along beautifully! Our mom says she needs to get a painting project going around here!
We are big fans of Tweedles and Puddles!
3 doxies said…
Hey there lady...your kitchen is lookin' beautifuls!
Mum likes dat shabby chic junk...it's kinda girly if you ask me. I'm too embarrassed to tells you what color our kitchen is.
Thank you so much fur telling everybuddy bouts my bloggie. You so fulls of da sweetness!
I knows da other ones. Did you know dat Lilac has da hots fur an Alien? Yep, sure does.

Governor Puddles
Ouch, damn, hope yer hand gets better!
Dolores said…
I love dogs and cats..... I'll check out these blogs....sometimes.

Your kitchen is going to be great!! What a big project...
Keep the medication on that wound of yours.... you don't need an infection!
Good job on the kitchen: not so great job on the hand. Hope it will be back in full operation soon.

And "New Avocado"? Where'd they gete green from that color? (Or perhaps it's just the computer.)
Mick said…
Haha Painting IS fun! Its the Touch ups that are a B#@ch...
This is great! I'll check out these dog blogs now... think I'll stick around a while :)
Anonymous said…
I'm dyin laughin about the Napalm BOL!

Your kitchen does look very cute and cottagey :) You'd scream if you saw mine. Blue on blue...how'd you like to cook in a bathroom?! Plus, never noticed it before purchase (of course)but the counter isn't level and if you look under it, guess what? Boards rammed at odd angles in an attempt to make it level BOL! Don't hire this carpenter! Would love to rip the whole thing out but thousands in green stuff just can't go in that direction right now. So, I keep turning the pots in circles so everything gets cooked evenly and pretend I'm in a bubble bath in my relaxing blue kitchen all the while ;)

Thinkin avocado should make a yummy kitchen color :) If you have any left over and are still in the painting mode after yours is done BOL let me know ;)

Waggin at ya,

The Roo Family

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