Remembering Our Veterans


Thank you for your service.  We haven’t forgotten and we never will.


We salute them for so many reasons.
They will never be forgotten
For my Grandfather WWl, Dad and uncles, WWll, and all who served, I salute!
Jim said…
My Dad was overseas for three years during WW11. He doesn't like Nov.11th because it brings back a lot of memories.
This day started out as a day to celebrate the WWI armistice and the fervent hope that we would remain at peace. Rather naive, unfortunately, since Germany decided to try to take over the world again. And since then we've created veterans from conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and god knows where else. I salute our veterans, but wonder if we will ever stop celebrating the culture of war and death? (Yeah I know that by saying something like that I'm not being "patriotic". Bah.)

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