Someone Wants Some Pity

We’ve been upset that there are so many pups with sickness and injuries in Blogland.  We are sending the Power of the Paw to all of them every day.

In discussing this with Trixie and Minnie, Minnie piped up that she too is deserving of some Blog lovin’ (although Trixie and I know that she’s perfectly fine…she just likes lovin’ and Trixie isn’t that fond of giving it to her).

Anyhoo, Minnie wanted to show Blogland what she’s been dealing with for a few weeks.

minnie mangie 002

She says “Do you see the hole in my head? I was very brave-ed and went to see that vet person.  He put something in my butt!!  Then he took a sharp knife and scraped my head!  I guess he not see that I already gots no hair there!  He said I haf a strong heart and no worms in it.  I haf worms in my belly once and I didn’t like that.

Mom says I have “the mange”.  She says it’s like a bug on my head.  I told her to squish it, but she says I haf to get a squirt in my mouf every day and take a pill. Mom washes my head wif a special blue water, which is kinda relaxing.  But I looks really pitiful, and other dogs make fun of me when they see me.”

While Minnie does exaggerate about the other dogs making fun, it appears her hair is just starting to grow back.  We hope she gets her pretty hair back soon.  Demodex is really weird, isn’t it?  The meds make her not so hungry,

minnie mangie 001


So if you have a chance to send some lovin’ Minnie’s way, she’d appreciate it. 

PeeS:  Minnie gave money for Blueberry. Won’t you?


Jan said…
Actually we think it looks quite distinguished.
Dear Minnie
I am so sorry you have a boo boo on your head. How very scary to get a bald spot,,, I know all about bald spots cause I am half naked.
But you pretty Minne
yes you are
and your heart is big
yes it is
your gave to Blue Berry
what a kind heart you have!
I know that stuff tastes bad, and makes you not feel so good,,,
but it will help you... yes it will.
I will wish on stars tonight that you feel loved and get better soon.
(my mommy is mailing some money to your mom to give to Blue Berry- so be watching)
3 doxies said…
Don't worries, I is here to gives you some love! Minnie, you is still beautifuls withs little tiny spot...dat I really didn't notice until you pointed it out. Nobuddy is gonna makes fun of you.
You will be betters all soon.

Minnie is a beautiful girl with or without the furs on her head!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
Dolores said…
I'm sending hugs and licks to beautiful Minnie. Hoping she heals up quickly, and hoping the mange never comes back again!
Hugs and licks to our beloved pets,
I came to give more love to you Minnie! How does you feel tonight?
Here is a hug for you
Poor Minnie, sorry you're feelin poorly:( Maybe momma could whip you up a little hair piece for your sparse spot:)
♥ Sallie said…
I feel terrible that you and blueberry have ouchies on your heads. You are both in our thoughts and prayers. You are both very brave!

fromsophiesview said…
LOVE and HUGS go to you just have to be relaxed and everything will work out fine. Just think of the spot as your third eye...all seeing and knowing...woooooo!
Mack said…
You are quite the beautiful pooch. That hair will grow back in no time.

Lots of healing sugars,
Levi said…
I am sending my paw love....are you getting it?
Unknown said…
Miss Minnie we are sending over our hound love just for you sweetie!
Boy, that mange stuff is bad, especially during the winter when you need hair to keep warm. Once you are over it, then lots of vitamins and good food will make your hair come back and you will be beautiful again. Keep tails up, better days are ahead.

Mogley G. Retriever
fromsophiesview said…
Hey Barbara...Bucky's - the builder's number will cost ya! ;-)
Golden Samantha said…
Ohhhh poor Minnie! We send HUGE golden hugs to you with love and kisses. We've had various and sundry bald spots from da leg blood-taking shavings, but not on da head. You will grow it back, but hang in there pupper. We are thinking about you! And Blueberry too.
Sammie and Avalon
Carol said…
As my loved Timber would say. It's all about me, me, me. She has passed on and now I love other peoples pets thoughts. Thanks.

The paint on my diningroom is Behr and the tan is Distant Tan and the green is Seritogy not sure the spelling.
Holly dog and Boogie dog feel your pain and hope you get well soon. Boo the cat said you look ridiculous and that you should wear a hat until your fur grows back. Cats can be so mean.
Aw, poor Minnie! I hope she's doing better. My boy Dodge is recovering pretty well after his run-in with the big white truck that tried to mow him down. It's so hard to see the poor pups suffer and know that they can't understand us when we try to reassure them that they will be ok. But lots of snuggles do make them feel better.

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