Very Sad Today

While painting my kitchen, I had an accident.  I broke a clock my brother gave me just before he committed suicide.  I’ve had it for 17 years.

It’s silly, but I loved this clock – and had a lot of memories attached to it.

It’s not easy to replace – I’ve only seen a few, and the few I’ve seen are expensive (see here for an ebay auction for one…that I can’t afford.

Diet Rite Cola Clock

I know I’ll find another eventually, but after packing it from here to Los Angeles and back again, it makes me sad that a stupid mistake from me shattered it into a million pieces.

So, I’m very sad today.


How Sam Sees It said…
I'm sorry to hear that. I've broken a few things I've hung onto as memories. Now that the people I received them from are gone, I wish even more I still had them.

Lidian said…
Oh Barbara, I'm so sorry to hear that! I had an incense burner - very 1960s, with groovy owls - that my dear lovely grandmother gave me (how did she know it was just what I wanted?) and my eldest broke it when she was a toddler. I still have the main piece but...not the same. Still miss it.

Hugs to you xx Lidian
Aye, I just discovered my lawn guys broke one of the 3 old glass japanese net floats Mom carried all the way out to CA from the east, and survived 50+ years of mayhem from us kids.

Luckily, you can replace yours, just as I can mine, but I know, it's not the same. Perhaps you can save the original, and buy another to put a "new" glass on it or?
Barbara said…
Yeah, it's the memories more than the thing. Unfortunately, this literally shattered into tiny pieces, no way to salvage it.

1950s: I'd kill the lawn guy. It's one thing for you or your kids to do it - accidents happen, but lawn guys? Careless.
I'm so sorry...I also know the feelings that you have as a gift from someone who is gone has been broken or lost. Just know that the treasure of the memories that you have of your brother can never be taken away from you...Again, I'm so sorry...
Wings1295 said…
What about saving a small piece, or pieces, and placing them inside a clear ornament globe? You can hang it on a tree, if that's your thing, or in the house year round. You will still remember who and what it is from, and it will still be a little bit of the original from your brother?

Jim said…
Yes it is hard when we break things we really like! Been there too.Yes you will find another still have your brother's memories too. Can't break those Barbara.
Oh no! We're so sorry! Can the broken one be fixed at all? If not, we hope you can replace it eventually.

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
That's so sad when things like that happen. Perhaps you can glue it together and frame it as artwork. And still it will remain with you.
houndstooth said…
I'm so sorry!

Is there a way to take it to a repair shop and get it fixed? Another thought might be to try to make something new from it. We have a store near us that features all things that have been recycled from something else, for example, some coasters that were made from old records. I know it wouldn't be the same as having the clock the way you've always known it, but it might be a way to preserve what's really important about it to you, which is the sentimental attachment.
Barbara said…
There is no way to repair it, it literally is in a million pieces.

But thank you for the idea to save some pieces and make something with it! That's a great idea. Out to the garbage can!
Jan said…
It must be a Murphy's Law that those things we value most are most easily broken and junk lasts for eons.
I am so sorry.
If I had one, I would send it to you for sure.
Kim is right,,, the memories can not ever be broken
Golden Samantha said…
Oh Barbara -
Very sad to hear this news - HATE trying to replace things that just seem irreplaceable. It's the lost connection... So sorry.
Big Hugs xoxoox
Sammie, Avalon and Mom
Can't be repaired? Damn... =/ Yeah, keep what you can, who cares if it doesn't work? Mom saved the top part of a wooden music box her favorite brother got her during the war. Have no idea what happened to the bottom music box part, but no matter, it was the sentiment that mattered to her.
Mack said…
So sorry to hear of your misfortune. I hope your week starts out a whole lot better than last one ended!!

How about glueing the pieces to a frame and putting in a photo of your brother? Hugs to you!!!!
fromsophiesview said…
Now you have a GOAL....I'm going to find a Diet Rite Cola never know what will come from this! Maybe this is meant to be! You have to think on the positive side, really there's no sense in wallowing in sorrow. Besides I'm looking for you too..least I can do for you,Barbara! Sniffs and licks!
3 doxies said…
Oh Barbara, I am so sorry. I know that clock holds some very precious memories for you.
Surely you can come up with something clever to do with it. I will do some thinking too.

Allison...Puddles mum

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