Minnie was on a break, so I used the Random Number Generator.  Our winner is….

missouri michael

Missouri Michael!!


Please send me your email address so I can have CSN Stores send you your gift code.  Have fun shopping, and thanks for being a follower!

On a more personal note:

Someone started a war with one of my favorite blogs We 3 Doxies and caused We 3 to quit blogging.

What the hell is wrong with people these days?  Why can’t people leave others alone?  How unhappy does someone have to be to post nasty comments on a blog that does nothing but make people happy?  What possesses people to spread hate?

I truly fear for the world with people like this in it.  As I grow older, I see more hate, not less.  Is this the kind of world we want?


People can be real bastards. Sorry to hear about the blog bullying.
Did I completely miss a giveaway here? Rats! Glad Michael won, though. I've had one negative comment on my blog and it was from some anonymous person so it hardly counts, but it was unnecessary nevertheless. I hope We 3 Doxies recovers--what could anyone possibly say in a mean way to someone who blogs as We 3 Doxies anyway???!!
Jim said…
There are bullies everywhere Barbara. And probably always will be. We just have to stand up and expose them for what they really are......cowards!
♥ Sallie said…
I hope Puddles doesn't stop blogging. We all love her!

I'm with Christine, I must have missed the giveaway post!

Well, as a chat board internet user of over 15 years, I have been called every name in the book, accused of everything I am not, and a few other choice things, and am currently the nasty subject of almost daily criticism on a different chat board (for the last several years, mind you).

Here is my advice:

They are just words on a screen. They cannot carry weight unless you give them weight. I ignore the childish, and live my life as I always do. I also take care never to post too much personal stuff on boards or blogs, of any nature I wouldn't want people to be able to use against me.

Learn from an old pro, who has been there and done that. =)
WOW! I'm so excited! Thank you!

my email is culdesacshack (at) gmail (dot) com

As for hateful comments, when I find one on my blog that starts to get hateful, I simply delete the comment(s), saying nothing. I also have my post comments locked down so that unknown comments don't show up on old posts - I have to approve comments on old posts.

Some people are naturally bitter, and want all those the come in contact with to be bitter as well.
Good job MM on your win
Benny & Lily
Sorry for the doxie hate:(
Love your kitchen, great curtains!
Barbara said…
This person apparently likes to "take on blogs". I am now waiting for "my turn". She'll be here soon, I know it.

I pray for these sad people.
Send this person over to my friends chat board. We'll eat them alive. ;)
Pippen said…
I just read the latest from 'that' blog. I made a comment we'll see if it's posted.

What an absolute pain some people are...

I notice that she's lost 11 followers so far.

I really don't have a clue as to what's going on. Even reading all the posts about it isn't making it one bit clear. All I know is if anyone is in touch with Puddles' mom it would be wonderful if she could be talked into reconsidering. I miss her. I think we all do.
Dolores said…
I hope your friend changes her mind about stopping her blog. We can't let mean spirited people be the winners!!!
Barbara said…
Well, I guess she posted about me, but by the time I got there, both posts were gone. I hope she learned a lesson from this.
Unknown said…

Thank you for stopping by and following my blog - we are following you back :)
I have been trying for days to figure out what the heck happened with the puddles issue - I was gone from blogland for about 4 days and thats when it all went down I guess - post seem to be deleted so I have no idea which bloggers this was between.

On a positive note I look forward to reading your blog and getting to know you :)

Unknown said…
That stinks. I personally wouldn't allow someone to force me out of something I love to do. On the contrary.. I'd hold the morons up for all to see and pick them apart, exposing them for what they truly are. However.. I do understand how bullying can really break your stride, and can only hope your friends can bounce back.
Sandy said…
I have followed this whole fuss and don't think that anyone has acted particularly well. If several participants have pulled ill thought out posts, good for them. I would suggest that everyone step back and think good and hard before posting about others motives and attitudes. Thoughtful posts, silly posts, both serve the purpose of connection most of us blog for, personal attacks do not.
I wish I was brave enough to talk.

This I will say
"what the world needs is love"

not hate..

and they were hateful when they said bad words about me too.

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