A Christmas Song For You


Ha ha! You beat me to it. This video will be on my Wed post. Have you clicked on the Jingle Bells link that appears in the video? That one is hilarious too!
Golden Samantha said…
Saw this on another blog, but love it so much that we watched again! Thanks for making us smile and feel warm all over! fa la la la la la la!
Sammie and Avalon
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the smile...It's an icky day so i needed that.
Yes, thanks for the smile, indeed! =D

Too cute...
3 doxies said…
Oh My word...dat was HILARIOUS!!!!!
Dat seriously just made my day...thank you!
Ummmmm, but there was NOT one single doxie (gasp)!

Dolores said…
I'm so behind on reading and commenting......sure glad I didn't miss this one...... it's so cute!
Hugs and Merry Christmas

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