Have You Made Your Christmas Cards Yet?

It’s that time of year again, when everyone gathers around the table…and addresses Christmas cards.

Normally, I just buy what I like and send them out, but after seeing the wonderful cards from you and others, picture Christmas cards just seem so fun!  zona


I mean – look at the one I got from Zona, Cali and Phoenix!





In the old days, you had to take the picture you liked to the photo place somewhere in September and wait for a couple of weeks to get them back. They looked like this:

thanks http://alblixtracinghistory.typepad.com/sam_hanks_christmas_card_ca_1940 Hopefully, they did them correctly, or spelled your name right, because doing them over took another week or two.

You got to choose from two or three designs – that’s it…too bad if none were “you”. Oh, and you could only use one photo.  And what if you didn’t want to say Merry Christmas or Happy New Year?  You were out of luck.

Not so today with Shutterfly Christmas photo cards.

Shutterfly has hundreds of styles to pick from, be it modern…


Or traditional…



merry christmas

Or tall…

tall You can make any kind of card you like!!

They also can make almost anything out of your photos. Last year, I had a “Trixie” calendar made. It was awesome. I think this year I’ll make a Minnie one, if she stops tearing up my stuff.

They have things I’d never think of – birthday cards and invitations. We’ve come a long way from the invitations of my childhood.

Oh wait…photo mugs too! Yeah, a Trixie and Minnie mug!! That’s the ticket! Something a mother loves; pictures of her kids!

I’m running off to make my mug now…why not join me there?


I know what you mean about those grrreat cards. Z.P.& C's. card is wonderful.

My mom said that you had a food drive going. I did not know about it and I have already PAWMISED the shelter that I give to every month, that I would give them DOUBLE the food and some milkbones and jars of Peanut Butter. I have it all bought and will be delivering it on Monday. I really wish I could help you with this food drive. I feel very much bad.
Barbara said…
Frankie, do not feel bad! You are doing your part elsewhere! We need to feed all the doggies we can, right!

You did good!
White Dog Blog said…
Dad is SO behind finishing our card, but I agree everyone does beautiful creative cards. We cannot wait to see what turns up in the mail.
Dolores said…
do I make the check out for 'Food for Homeless Pets?'...
I'm behind on EVERYTHING....but wanted to do that tomorrow...
houndstooth said…
We have really been debating doing those, too! They are just so cool! If only we had some pictures of us to use!

Mack said…
Mom is good at getting the cards - but we really have to push her to get them mailed out on time!
i am always wayyyyyyy behind....
and not very talented...i would love to have some cool cards made,,, but until, them,,, just the usuals
I'm really making cards this year and hopefully will get them out before Xmas!
Zona said…
Hey... that card looks familiar!! Hehe... setting it up was SOOOO easy! And it was here in a jiffy!

Anonymous said…
Sounds like you;ll have perfect x-mas cards...we opted out this year..
Golden Samantha said…
Zona's card is very cool! We kept it simple - so glad you got it! We had so much fun doing this - in the "olden" days, we never did photo cards, but last year and this one, we did, cause as you said, it's just so easy! Have fun with yours!
Hugs xoxoxo
Sammie and Avalon
Alien said…
I wonder if anyone would want a photo mug with a picture of my spaceship on it...Thank you for the good ideas.


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