How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Show You…

christmas gun

Isn’t it time you gave yourself a Christmas gift?

I say YES SIR! 

Mind you, I’d love to get a gun for Christmas, but let me preface that by saying that I am not aware of anyone who would give me a gun that might want to use it on me, or me to use it on myself.  “You’ve been depressed lately Barbara, so I bought you this gun to cheer you up!”  Yeah, not a good gift for the chronically depressed.  Besides, I already own a gun, and I say having two is just showin’ off!

You’d have to have a pretty solid relationship to give this gift.  I’m not sure what a “plinker” is, but a Colt is a pretty solid weapon to only use for target practice.  But then, Uncle Willy does piss me off, and it would be fun to watch him run….but I digress.

Anyhoo, here’s your first solid lead on a Christmas present for those hard to shop for.  No one says you have to give ammunition too!

And also for your Christmas shopping….

Auction for Blueberry


houndstooth said…
Bwaaa ha ha! You remind me of my sister! She carried a Dirty Harry gun in the armrest of her old SUV while she was in college and just afterwards, until she bought a different car. She was dating a guy for a couple of months and was, at that time, a bit prone to mild road rage. One day, somebody cut her off or something on the road, and she was pissed. Her beau was in the passenger seat and actually said "Oh Julie, you're so cute when you're angry!" The poor devil probably has no idea he came to getting shot right there. That was the end of their brief love affair. No way am I giving any of my loved ones anything they can turn around and use on me!
Lidian said…
Those men's magazine ads are really something! There was one I remember where the whole darn family had guns for Christmas - actually I think it was in something like Popular Mechanics. Unbelievable!
heheehe my mom has a gun too. AND guess what... she and dad go "Plinkin" coke and mug root beer cans about twice a year. Just to keep in practice. BaWaah
I am SURE she would LOVE a new box of ammo.. What a Red Neck she is.
Golden Samantha said…
Holy Cow... that is too funny! YOU HAVE A GUN? (Apparently others do too!) Mayhap I needs to rethink the "just have a little one" (Nancy Reagan) thing!
Hugs xoxoxo
Sammie, Ava and Ma
Of course we have to have a gun. We are hunting dogs arn't we? We can't retrieve Ducks unless someone slows them up for us. It is just coincidental that a gun is a good way to slow them up and make them easier to fetch.

We even have a marshmellow gun, it shoots marshmellows. We can open our mouths and play catch with the "bullets".

Mogley G. Retriever
I have a bubble gun,,,, and it makes peoples happy
Emma Rose said…
My Duchess asked the Duke for a 20 gauge shotgun for Christmas. How lady-like is that? Geez!

Emma Rose
Anonymous said…
Ha! Now that would be quite the thing to find under the tree! Must come with ammo though so part of the holiday activities could be some rootin tootin target practice! Wahoo! :O
Mom already has a few (no not two - she agrees two is just showin off). But several different kinds for various purposes? Well that's an entirely different matter ;)

Waggin at ya silly goose,
3 doxies said…
You'll shoot your eye out...oh wait, dat was from a movie...hehehehe!
Mum wants a pink one...she's a moron what can I say?

Mack said…
I had a gun stuffie once!!
Unknown said…
BOL we love our guns here in TEXAS, nothing like a shotgun for xmas :)
While my dear hubby does love him some guns, fortunately he has no interest in aiming them at defenseless deer or rabbits or birds like the rest of the citizenry around here. He just likes to shoot at beer cans or targets and belongs to a local gun club. One of the prerequisites for membership is you have to be a card-carrying member of the NRA, so every other day we're bombarded with mailings from them, mostly trying to scare the bejesus out of their membership by saying Obama's going to take away their god-given rights to own an arsenal of high-powered weaponry. Has he done that yet? NO. My mail lady must wonder what kind of household we are since I get all the peace/commie/bleeding heart liberal mail and he gets the NRA magazine. One of the highlights of my husband's life was shooting a friend's rifle that was so powerful that when you pulled the trigger you got nailed in the eye with the scope--he came home with quite a shiner after that weekend and said EVERYONE had one, too. Male bonding at its best!
My husband wants a gun for Christmas I told him to go and buy one. Wanted to let you know I am a caretaker just like you. Know where you are coming from keep up the good work. cindy

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