The Last Piece to Your New Year Party



Because nothing says “love” like malt liquor.

Or finding out your boyfriend is gay.  I mean really, his hair is much better than yours.  That should have been your first clue.

Happy New Year!


Jim said…
Champale it will be!!! Thanks for the heads-up Barbara. New Years Eve wouldn't have been the same!!
Have a good one.
Nancy K. said…

I'm so glad that I found your blog. I'll be back...
3 doxies said…
"With someone you like"? Wells dat just sounds weird...
Anyways, I hopes I can find dat malt stuff at da convenient store or I'll be outta luck.

This is too funny!! You're right, the hair should be the first clue, or if he wants to borrow your clothes! ;-)))
Dolores said…
I'll take the malt liquor... but not the guy!
houndstooth said…
"With someone you LIKE" should be the first flag to run, not walk away from that heartache! Oh, that is funny!
Suzy Myers said…
The white suit would have tipped me off first. LOL

Have a wonderful new years eve!

3 doxies said…
Me again...I was thinking...
I seriously hopes dat suit he be wearin' is flame retardent.

I have had a personal experience with Champale and believe you me, it did NOT end happy. Barfing up that disgusting crap was awful! Happy New Year, my funny fwend. Oh and P.S.--your fabulous prize will be going out to you next week, I promise!!
Happee New Years Eve!!
Benny & Lily
Good thing I don't drink!

Happy New Year!
Anonymous said…
"Champale! Drink enough of it, and it looks kind of like the label says 'Champagne,' and that's good enough for us!"
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