Let’s Visit Christmas 1958!

Once again, let’s go to the Sears Wishbook and visit a time long ago when things were simpler…

Here’s the cover…flocked tree, pretty ornaments!


Let’s all get dressed for the big event! From Dad to Baby Doll, we all look silly!  And nothing was flame retardant, so Dad could light us all up with his cigarette!  I guess mom was taking this picture…


Actually, Dad liked it better when mom wore one of these…


And mom brought his slippers…


Here’s our tree!  Who wouldn’t kill for this? Five feet and six inches of net, with glass ornaments and star included.


Let’s add some ornaments…


Let’s decorate the yard…











Okay, let’s open some gifts…ooh, aprons for mom, dad and junior homemaker in training!


A little something for Bobby…



          A little something for Sally…(I want the red sofa and chair…)












How about some crafty stuff and some rocket and space stuff for Tommy?  He’s all into that men in space thing.


A little something for the house…


Oh, and let’s not forget to send cards!


Whew!  What a day!  Let’s all get into our other new jammies and have some fruitcake!

1958_SearsChristmas_Page440(Back Cover)


Are YOU done Christmas shopping yet?

I’m not!

photos from wishbookweb.com


Breezy said…
Ohhh my goodness.. that is a true trip down memory lane. ( well sort of.. :) I love the vintage photo's!
great post.
chandlerguera said…
Love it! I remember looking through the JCPenney and Montgomery Wards catalogs as a kid. I'm sure I dog-eared many pages of stuff I wanted!
Dolores said…
Oh Barbara, what a neat trip down memory lane......the good ole days, and to think someday we'll be calling these the good ole days.
I wore the pages out on our Christmas catalogs....what fun!
Wyatt said…

I actually like the cowboy boots, I'd wear those now! We did have a sun burst clock and a flocked tree just like that....:)

Wyatt's Mom
Roy Rogers! I had a little red plastic Roy Rogers buckboard and 2 white horses, with farm animals in the back. And a bright blue Roy Rogers driving it, molded into a permanent sitting position.
houndstooth said…
I think about all the shopping I have to get done and I just want to curl up in the fetal position until Christmas is over! Love that white tree!
Am I ready? HELL NO!
I would however like some of those lovely vintage ornaments, hold the matching jammies:)
Mom remembers so well getting that new flannel Lanz nightgown every year!
3 doxies said…
Hold on to your pantyhose cuz I has to say dat my mum wants a flocked tree...hehehehe!
I wonders how much them ornaments would be worth now?

Mack said…
I want that fruitcake!
And don't those humans look silly in their matching jammies??
Lidian said…
I would like to go back in time and buy all those Christmas ornaments!
I love the Sears thingy... butt have you ever seen a MONKEY Ward CATalog????
Anonymous said…
Wow the cowboy stuff is our favorite... really cool to see a piece of the past thanks for sharing
Jacki said…
I'm a vintage girl, love all kinds of vintage things. I have a nice collection of ornaments, for sure the ones in the upper left corner that look like blue acorns. And, those robes are to die for. However, if my husband had shown up in the ensemble in the first picture, I think we could consider that an effective form of birth control, as if having 7 children wasn't enough to do me in.
Jim said…
One-stop-shopping! And no on-line shopping at that. You see, we could order anything we wanted back then. I remember that 'gun' page!! That WAS Christmas back then. Thanks for the memories, Barbara.
Golden Samantha said…
Yikes! As so many others commented... a trip down Christmas past! And it WAS like that!
Sammie and Avalon and Mom
PS - Sorries about your pups not good with the snow trips...
capewood said…
I think I had that gun and holster set.
Gretchen said…
The clocks and rockets are my faves! I love old ephemera -- it really is great to help understand what people were doing and thinking at the time :)
Unknown said…
Oh my! Thanks fur da Memories!!! My momma said her use to love going thru da Sears catalog and picking out her Santa list!
Stacia said…
Oooh. Atomic clocks. ATOMIC. CLOCKS. When I was a kid in the 1970s, people who had these clocks were usually older, and I thought they were considered tacky and old fashioned. I was a fool!

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