One Christmas Miracle Right Here!

Remember Bill and Marty, the Miniature Pinschers looking for a home?  Well, they found one…with my neighbor!

We went to the Bay Area to pick them up today.

Here’s the lady who rescued them with their new mom

bill marty 004

Here is Bill, Marty, Enid and new mom Kar-ron taking their first walk together

bill marty 013

And here are Bill and Marty, being very, very comfy in their new home.  You’d have thought they’d always been here

bill marty 024

Bill is a little talker.  He complains about everything.  He doesn’t like it when Marty gets any attention.  He talks when he walks, poops, rides in a car…well, he pretty much grumbles about everything.

bill marty 020








And this is Marty.  Calm, collected; walks just like a galloping show horse – head erect, he literally gallops.  Kar-ron sat down on her couch, he jumped up and laid down next to her, belly up.  He’s in love.

bill marty 016









The power of the paw, and the power of the blog gave these two boys an incredible home.  A Christmas miracle, thanks to the kindness of Enid (who rescued them when they were abandoned) and Kar-ron, who gave them a forever home.



I love a happy ending! What lucky pups and a very lucky Kar-on to have such sweethearts for companions. That is definitely a win-win. And kudos to you for bringing them all together.
Eartha Kitsch said…! And I know you hate me saying it but...Christmas miracle! Thanks for putting out the word and for helping Kar-ron bring those babies home. I MUST have a recording of Marty talking!
Eartha Kitsch said…
Whoops...I mean BILL talking. Everyone knows that Marty is the shy, retiring type. : )
Breezy said…
Such good news!! I am glad they have a home.
houndstooth said…
Aww! What a sweet story, with a happy ending and a wonderful new beginning!
Dolores said…
I've been down in the dumps, but this Christmas miracle brought tears of joy to my heart!!! The dogs are so precious. I'm so happy for the dogs, the owner, the rescuer and for you.... and for me for being so happy....
Thanks for showing these sweet pictures and sharing their story!
I love happy endings... and love to hear about those who open their hearts to love.
yeaa for the new pawrents!!!!!!
and yeaaaaaaa for the pups!
i sent you some moneys for the homless doggies,, that is as good as food right?
Anonymous said…
That's terrific news! Lucky Mom and Lucky Dogs :)

Great news makes a great way to start the day :)

Waggin at ya,
My HollyDog was a rescue and she's spent every day since coming to live with us saying "I love you Mom and Dad" since then. I just don't understand people who abandon animals. Kar-ron is an an-gel!!!!!
Mack said…
We LOVE starting the week off with such GREAT and wonderful stories like this!!
ANd I think Bill and Lilly would really hit it off, cause she is very vocal too!
Excellent news for sure. He talks when he poops???? How funny.
Unknown said…
What a great story! A christmas miracle! Congrats to all of them!
3 doxies said…
hey...I talks when I poops too...I gotta lot to say!
Anyways, fab news they found a wonderful furever home. And thanks to Enid furs rescuing them.
Can't believes somebuddy abandoned thems.

Jim said…
How lucky are they.....dogs and new owner?! Nice job Barbara.
fromsophiesview said…
Far out man...this is way cool...warms my little doodle heart ;-)
We are so happee for the kids and the nice neighbor lady
Benny & Lily
Jake of Florida said…
What a lovely story! We got a special kick out of reading how different the two dogs are. We Boyz are also very different, even though we're the same breed, so we do appreciate hearing about other similar situations.

How nice that your neighbor adopted the two dogs so that you can see them whenever you want!

Wirey woofs,

Jake and Just Harry

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