Terrorized by Santa

I’ve always been fascinated with parents obsession to get their kids picture with Santa.  Any child under five is usually completely terrified, yet the parents plug along.

Wouldn’t you be terrified of Hung Over Santa?


Here’s a gang-terrification.  I’m sure that this picture is cherished by their parents.


This Santa seems to be oblivious to this girls pain.  Must be that Reindeer Grog he had earlier.


You’ll never escape Kris Kringle!  I know where you live!!


You’ll never escape, part 2.  Is this really worth minimum wage Santa? 


Little brother highly objects to Santa.  Big brother pictures the huge rake-in he’ll get for being a good boy.


She’s objecting because of Santa’s alternative costume.  Wouldn’t you?  It’s horrible!


So answer me this…you’d really put your kid on this mans lap?  Welcome to my generation’s drunk Santa’s…


Do you have any of these kinds of Santa photos in your photo albums?


Dolores said…
The santa picture that's in my head forever is of myself running through a department store trying to get away from having to sit on Santa's lap. My mother gave in, and didn't make me go back.....
Since our chauffuer is doing a "mall Santa" gig at the military bases this year, he has lots of stories. Mostly about the parents that don't want to take "no" for an answere from their children. Once a child starts getting upset, the best thing is to just wait and talk from a distance. If it does not improve, walk away and try again next year. Otherwise you just terrorise them permanently.

Mogley G. Retriever
That second photo is hilarious -- I love how Santa is playing along with the bawling and howling!
houndstooth said…
Oh, I'm wiping away tears of laughter! You're killing me with these pictures!

I don't recall us having any horrid Santa pictures, but I recall a few Sears Portrait Studio sessions that went horribly, horribly wrong!
Wyatt said…
All those kids are going to need years of therapy...haha!

i loved that fluffy man in the red suit!
I know we went to see Santa at the Bon Marche in downtown Seattle with my Grandmother when I was a kid. I think we pretty well behaved ourselves and didn't cry.

I love the pics you posted... why would we ever think that kids wouldn't be scared of a big old guy in a huge red suit? I love how once one of the kids start screaming, it looks like they all join in. I wonder if earplugs are included as standard issue with the Santa outfits?
Poor kids are probably scarred for life!
Mom never had her picture taken with Santa but our sissy did once. It wasn't a horrible experience, thank doG!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
The Luke said…
My the Mom loved Santa, but she could never figure out how he knew if she had been good or bad... but was totally unaware of (1) what she wanted for Christmas and (2) all the stuff he had given her the year previous that had broken... and (3) how he got be at both Sears AND the grocery store at the same time.

Loved those photos! What memories they conjure for the Mom!

wif love from the Luke and his the Mom
Lisa said…
These are so neat! Being a vintage photo-phile, I spend a lot of time googling events and random years to see 1960's holiday photos. Try google imaging "christmas 62" or any two digit year and the wonders you'll be brought!
One advantage of being from "modest means" and folks raised during the Depression:

NO mall Santa photos lol........
Eartha Kitsch said…
Gosh, I don't remember going to see Santa a single time in my childhood. I remember that my parents had one of their friends call every Christmas Eve and pretend to be Santa on the phone with us. I think my parents were trying to take the work out of it!
3 doxies said…
I has confession...My Girl is 8 and hers has NEVERS had her foto taken withs Santa. Wanna know why? Well cuz hers never wanted to do it and mum nevers "made" her. Sooooooo, I'm sure if hers had made hers then we would have fotos likes da ones above.

This just made me laugh out loud! The first and last pics - the drunk Santas - I can't even imagine. Perhaps they were the inspiration for Bad Santa. Have a good weekend girlie!
Theresa said…
Pretty funny
Thank God my parents didn't insist on this tradition...
Jim said…
Glad my parents had the sense NOT to push this on us! I was , I said was, a wimp as a child and couldn't have handled this at all!!!
My husband played Santa at the mall when we were in college--Seeing your great pictures is reliving that whole thing all over again!
MoonDoggie said…

Linked to this post on twitter it made me laugh so hard.
Sue said…
There are no photos of me with Santa until I was an adult. My boyfriend dressed up like Santa for a party.

I do have pictures of my pups with Santa.

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