Toys? No Way!! Gimme a Pillow!!


Who needs cool gifts when you can have a Kool gift??

Koolfoam that is!!

Dad, obviously hung over, appreciates the “perfect gift” of a pillow as it means he can lay it on the floor and block out all this Christmas fun.  “Can’t Sally just be quiet?  I’m still spinning from the office party!”

Sally doesn’t need a doll, or blocks, or even some cool new socks – NO!  She wants a pillow!  You see, mom never let her sleep in a big bed; poor girl is still in her Comfy Crib.  A pillow is the first step to the outside world!!

Mom?  Well, clearly Mom is plain crazy.  She’s been carrying around that pillow since November 3rd, and she’s not giving it up easily.  I see a slap-fest a’ happenin’.

What’s YOUR perfect gift?  Did you ever get it?


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Unknown said…
Heck Fred would loooove a pillow for xmas... he thinks they are just big stuffies :)
I remember as a kid getting barbies.. I always thought that was the ultimate gift that is until I got the real dollhouse my mom gave me one year :)
My horse was the best gift ever. =)

Second is the doll house Mom had a nice man make for me. He agreed on a price that turned out to be very small compared to the work involved, but he finished it anyways. I am grateful!
My greatest gift was my forever home. Since then, life has been one big party. My second best gift was having lots of fosters to share my home with and helping them find forever homes.

Thank you for posting a photo of me on your blog. On the right side of your blog you put a photo of me shortly after I went as a foster to live at what would later be my forever home. We went to the annual Golden Retriever Rescue Reunion swim at the lake, 200 Golden's swimming after hundreds of tennis balls. I got so tired that I curled up in a chair and slept for a while. It was a great day for a newly rescued puppy. Thank you for posting the photo and the link.

Mogley G. Retriever
Barbara said…
Mogley, you are SO welcome!

Barbies and dollhouses! Oh, memories!!
Oh gee, what was YOUR best gift, Barbara?
Love the post. Oh the simple things in life. Where did it all go. Maybe I will ask Santa for a pillow
Benny & Lily
No wonder Miz 1950s and I are so alike--my best gift ever was also a horse, my wonderful Boss Man. Although I have to say that coming into the living room on Xmas morning when I was 12 and seeing a little black puppy with a big red bow around her neck sleeping on a pillow was definitely the second best gift. Of course her slumber ended abruptly due to the hysterical squealing coming from 4 very excited little girls! And yes, what was YOUR best gift, Miz Babs???
Jim said…
Oh I so want things to be that 'simple' again!!!
I'm still waiting for that 'best gift' ever!
Barbara said…
I guess I'd have to say my best gift was finally getting the 35mm camera I'd had on my list for years (next to the Fireman, Mercedes and Jaguar). Couldn't believe I finally got it.
Anonymous said…
One year when I was a kid, I asked Santa for Macaroni and Cheese for Christmas. He looked at my parents like "Do you not feed this kid?" Guess what, I got two frozen Macaroni and Cheese dinners for Christmas that year. Perfect gift!

Elyse and Riley
Lidian said…
When my kids were little and they woke us up really early on Christmas morning, a pillow was JUST what I wanted.

Best gift ever when I was a kid were Peanuts diaries, got those in 1974 and 1975. A cartoon for every day. They inspired me to start keeping a journal, which I've done ever since.

Barbara, what was your favorite present? Please do tell!
Mack said…
Boy, that little girl is VERY easy to please! And I'm with Mogely, the best gift I ever got was a mom who spoils me rotten!
fromsophiesview said…
I still have my 1952 monkey..yup I do!!! HAppy I am!
houndstooth said…
Ha ha ha! Now I feel like I need a new pillow!

I shared your other post on Facebook. It's a long shot, since I'm in Illinois, but you never know!

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